Kingston-upon-Thames, London

A large extension in Kingston-upon-Thames features a combination of Misty Grey Chevron and Seashell Plank to create a calm and tranquil family home.

CV105 Misty Grey Chevron

After buying their house in 2013, Francesca and her husband were unsure if they wanted to stay in the area; however, as the years went by, they decided to renovate their traditional 1930’s Tudor style home and submitted planning permission for a large extension. In keeping with the Tudor style house, the hallways were narrow, and the kitchen and bedrooms were quite small, combined with a dark dĂ©cor. Luckily the couple were able to take full advantage of their angled plot and extended 5 metres at the back, meaning they could create a larger living space! It wasn’t long before the house was knocked back to the internal walls and the 13-month project began! Francesca soon threw herself into the design process, taking on the design decisions herself she sourced inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram and interior design sections of magazines and newspapers often until the early hours of the morning! After viewing a couple of alternatives Francesca decided a wood floor was the way forward, ‘wood is about warmth and nature,’ she described. After a visit to the V4 Showroom, her husband was also convinced after being ‘blown away.’ The couple’s builder had suggested V4 Wood flooring after using it with a previous client. Their visit to V4’s showroom sealed the deal – ‘the showroom was amazing, but also the people… technically knowledgeable, really impressive!’. When it came to deciding on the flooring, Francesca had always wanted a lighter colour palette, with elements of grey and white tones. The versatility of these colours would fit perfectly with the contemporary style of the home. In addition to the colour, Francesca loved the brushed finish of the wood, being more forgiving and lenient, it was perfect for a family home, especially with two cats! V4’s Misty Grey and Seashell flooring are brushed and finished with a colour oil to give it a natural but contemporary finish. The 45° angled header joint of the Mistry Grey Chevron is a modern take on 17th Century French Herringbone. With 90mm by 610mm sized planks, Francesca immediately loved the ‘waving’ movement of the chevron design. Despite initially being set on long planks, once Francesca and her husband came into the showroom, she knew that the chevron would be the perfect choice!

She explained she liked ‘the vibrance and movement of the chevron. Even out the corner of your eye, it is almost like an undulation that doesn’t tire or get boring’.

Francesca still managed to include the longer planks in the design by completing the upstairs bedrooms with our Seashell Planks. When building the extension, the couple decided instead of creating another room upstairs, to increase the size of each existing bedroom. Measuring at 190mm wide and 1800mm long, the European Oak planks created a natural flow through any room! Francesca explains

 ‘It’s a very calming house, I’m so glad we went for wood everywhere. It’s definitely lived up to our expectations!’

Francesca and her husband have completed the inside of their home with a beautiful kitchen from Sola Kitchens, the colour scheme runs perfectly from the floor to the island to the cupboards, creating a tranquil family kitchen! Overall, the couple had set out to achieve a space that was not only rich in volume but also in light. Through the use of floor to ceiling windows, skylights, a light and airy colour scheme, and our Misty Grey chevron and Seashell planks they not only managed to create a contemporary space, but also a peaceful family home. This case study also features TK104 Seashell Plank

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