Reduce Noise Pollution in Your Home with V4 Cork Flooring

As a natural sound dampener, cork absorbs vibrations and footsteps to cut noise by over 50%. If you want the natural look of wood with superlative sound performance, we have the perfect solution for you.


Taps, Bumps, and Disruptions

Real wood and ceramic tiles can make for attractive flooring options but have pronounced issues with noise. Their inherent density produces loud echoes, especially problematic in open-plan homes where footsteps, chair scratches, and toy drops reverberate sharply and carry from room to room. This constant noise pollution hampers relaxation, conversation, concentration, and sleep. Creeping downstairs at night or early morning can become impossible without waking the whole house. 


Naturally, people react by laying down carpets and rugs to dampen the noise. But this patchy solution brings its own drawbacks. Floor transitions become hazardous tripping points as rugs slide and curl, and most trap a lot of dirt and dust, meaning they require constant cleaning and replacement when worn or crushed. However, this is not the only way to solve the problem.

No More Treading Lightly

Cork is one of the most effective soundproofing materials available. It contains billions of tiny air pockets that dampen vibrations and sound echoes when trodden on. In fact, our Cortejo Luxury Cork Floors reduce footfall noise by a dramatic 53% compared to traditional flooring options.

Our Whisper-Quiet Range of Cork Floors

Our fresh and new Cortejo range comes in two unique styles to suit any home aesthetic while delivering equivalent noise-reducing performance:

Natural Cork

One of the best ways to fully embrace cork in your home. Our pure cork range features a wide selection of colours, from the warmest golds to the coolest creams, and boasts its own natural cork texturing. For flooring that stands out and makes a stylistic statement, pure cork is the way to go.


Featured Natural Cork Flooring

Wood Look

For those who would prefer hardwood flooring, but need an option that can absorb heavy footfall and control the acoustics of their home, then our wood-look options are a brilliant alternative. Using high-definition imagery, we are able to recreate the look of real wood but with all the underlying benefits of cork.


Featured Wood Look Flooring

More Benefits of Cork Flooring

Both options will significantly decrease noise pollution and help you to maintain a calm and quiet living space. The rigid cork core found in both our pure cork and wood-look Cortejo collections is engineered to provide:

Step Noise Reduction

Cork absorbs footfall vibrations so rooms don’t echo loudly.

Overhead Sound Damping

Reduces disruptive noise transfer between floors.

Wall-to-Wall Quietness

No need for temporary rugs to dampen between hard floors.

Consistent Quietness

Sustained noise regulation room to room without interruption.

Enhanced Relaxation

Fewer distractions and disruptions in your peaceful home.

Improved Concentration

Cork allows focus and productivity without noise pollution.

Restful Sleep

Noise is not amplified, avoiding disturbances to your sleep.

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Choose Peace and Quiet With V4 Cork Flooring

You and your family deserve absolute comfort when spending time at home, and our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring allows you to easily control how sound travels through your home. Get ready to experience unmatched acoustic absorption and browse the full range today. Once you have settled on the perfect style, you can go right ahead and order a free sample to see for yourself the quality of V4 flooring. One of our approved stockists is eagerly awaiting your order.


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