The Enduring Beauty of Our Cork Flooring

Accidents happen to even the most careful homeowner, and many flooring materials can quickly be damaged when they occur. However, with our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring, you can take some of the weight off your shoulders.


The Problem With Your Flooring at Home

Nothing is more frustrating than floors getting irreparably damaged due to regular activity. Between children, pets, and heavy foot traffic, it is too easy for scratches, dents, and gouges to accumulate on your home’s floors. 


Aesthetics aside, the invisible wear and tear from daily life also degrade and damage many popular flooring types over time. Even if you cannot see it, the integrity of the flooring is compromised with every footstep, chair drag, and accidental spill. But the same cannot be said for cork flooring.

True Resilience & Care-Free Living With Cork Floors

Our range of cork flooring offers unbeatable durability and longevity. As a natural material, cork contains a flexible cellular structure that makes it incredibly shock-absorbent and resistant to damage. Cork’s elasticity also allows it to bounce back from impacts, absorbing the force of dropped items or heavy footfall, rather than denting or scratching the surface. 


This extreme durability ensures longevity and long-term savings. No more costly repairs and replacements every few years, Cortejo Cork Flooring is designed and built to last decades with the right care.

Get to Know Cortejo for Yourself

Our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring comes in two distinct styles to suit any home aesthetic:

Natural Cork

With five engineered layers that ensure durability and longevity, our pure cork floors highlight the gorgeous organic patterns and earthy textures of cork, with the rich colours of options such as Encruzado, as well as the subtle, muted tones of options like Barroca. All as strong as each other.


Featured Natural Cork Flooring

Wood Look

Boasting stunning hardwood-mimic prints, options like Ramisco oak or whitewashed Trousseau oak allow you to enjoy a convincing wood look that includes the unbeatable advantages of cork.


Featured Wood Look Flooring

The Notable Benefits of Cork Flooring

For homeowners seeking flooring that really holds its own, cork is the clear solution. Its unmatched elasticity absorbs the hardest impacts and busiest foot traffic without scratching or denting.


Once installed, you can relax knowing the cork under your feet will maintain its pristine look across its lifetime. Cork preserves your investment, avoiding the costs and headaches of premature repairs. And its natural longevity retains home value if you should decide to sell.

Shock Absorption

Cork absorbs impacts without denting or scratching.


Your floors bounce back to flawless condition every time.


Built to last decades without repair or replacement.

Cost Savings

Avoid expensive maintenance and repairs over your floor’s lifetime.


The natural cork patterns exhibit stunning variation for a modern look.

Peace of Mind

Reduce stress over damage with ultra-forgiving floors.

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Natural Floors You Can Trust

Some homeowners worry pure cork floors look too rustic or feel too soft underfoot. But Cortejo’s gorgeous, high-definition wood prints offer a convincing wood aesthetic alongside cork’s unique advantages.


Cortejo’s durable construction also provides reassuring rigidity and support while retaining natural comfort. For families that value both a warm feel and firm footing, Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring delivers the perfect balance.

Get the Most Out of Your Chosen Flooring

With unbeatable durability and a 35-year domestic installation guarantee, Cortejo Cork Flooring from V4 offers peace of mind other flooring options and providers struggle to match. Upgrade your home now with flooring designed to handle everything life throws at it while staying strikingly beautiful. Our extensive range is waiting for you, order a free sample today to really feel the difference.


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