No Fuss Installation With Cortejo Cork Flooring

Replacing your existing flooring can be an arduous and expensive process, depending on the type you choose. With our range of luxury cork flooring, you have the option to change up your floors fsomething better, with none of the usual hassle.


The Age-Old Challenge of Installing New Floors

Traditional solid wood and tile floors can seem like the perfect addition to your home until it comes time to install them. The effort and skill needed to properly lay each plank or tile are beyond most DIYers’ abilities, requiring proficiency with everything from nail guns to table saws and generating hazardous dust and fumes.┬á


To avoid the stress of installing their chosen flooring themselves, most opt for professional help which, plank by plank and tile by tile, can take a long time.

Enjoy Swifter Home Improvements With Cork Flooring

Our innovative and glueless cork flooring clicks together for incredibly quick and easy installation, engineered with interlocking edges that neatly secure planks into place to ensure a seamless finish.

Our Patented 2G Locking System

Cortejo cork utilises our patented 2G locking system which creates a precision connection between each board. No messy glueing or nailing is required, just a satisfying snap as each board interlocks tight and seamlessly with the next.


The V4 Touch

Aside from our flawless locking system, your Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring will be even easier to install thanks to our expert construction.


The rigid stability within each plank means they hold their shape perfectly and resist warping or distortion before, during, and long after installation. We carefully select the finest cuts of cork and softwood to create our layered tiles, meaning all floors click together smoothly and evenly without difficulty.


How Our Cork Flooring Is Installed

Installing our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring is incredibly straightforward, thanks to the ingenious 2G click-lock system we build into each tile. Floors can be installed as a floating surface, or glued down for permanent bonding. It is entirely up to you and the needs of your space.


To install cork floors, you will need: Adhesive tape, Electric saw, Knife cutter, L square ruler, PE film, Pencil, Space blocks, Tape measure, and Tapping block

Step 1: Prepare Your Subfloor

Before installing floating cork floors, ensure the subfloor is level and clean. Set down fresh underlayment if necessary, usually foam to provide cushioning and insulation.

Step 2: Clean and Protect

Sweep debris and roll out PE film as a moisture barrier, with edges overlapping 5 cm along the walls, to prevent leaks. Trim once all the mouldings and skirting boards have been refitted.

Step 3: Acclimatise Your Tiles

Allow time for your cork flooring to acclimatise to the internal environment of your home. Between 24 and 48 hours before installation is best, to ensure the tiles do not warp or damage themselves during or after installation.

Note: The packets your cork flooring comes in have been designed to allow the cork to breathe and acclimatise in your space, so only unwrap them when it comes time to install.

Step 4: Shuffle Your Tiles

Work out of multiple packs at once, mixing your cork planks up to blend colour variations and ensure an even distribution of shades and textures.

Step 5: Lay the First Row

Start in a corner with tongue sides facing away from walls, leaving a centimetre gap for expansion. Click the short end of the first plank into the second plank by angling both together then firmly pushing and tapping the joints until they snap into place.

Step 6: Continue Laying

Start the second row with cut plank ends staggered between rows. Click the long tongue edge of each plank into the groove of the previous row at an angle, and drop down flat to lock it in place. 


Softly tap joints together with a block if needed. Repeat laying rows by clicking short ends first, then dropping the long edge into place.

Step 7: Finish Off

Using a utility knife or saw, make precise cuts around doors, pipes, and the final row. When you are finished, sweep away any debris and enjoy your beautiful new noise-reducing cork floors.


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The Additional Benefits of Choosing Cortejo

Our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring revolutionises the installation process, with DIY-friendly simplicity that remains unmatched by traditional flooring types. 


Some more key benefits include:


  • No Mess: No dealing with construction dust, adhesive, or grout mess. Our cork tiles click together cleanly.
  • User-Friendliness: You do not need a kit of professional tools in order to install our cork floors yourself, thanks to how simple they are to fit together.
  • Durability: Our layered construction prevents warping or distortion due to heavy use or humidity. Your V4 boards are designed to fit together perfectly and stay that way.
  • Versatility: Our 2G glueless locking system can be installed over most existing hard surfaces, such as concrete or wood, meaning you can have cork floors in almost any room, no matter the subfloor.
  • Longevity: The interlocking joints in each plank result in a durable floor that stands the test of time.
  • DIY-Ready: With the right skills and tools to hand, and with our detailed video guide, any homeowner can install cork flooring in their home without relying on professional installers.*


*Installing our range of cork flooring is a task that can be accomplished by a DIYer with experience and equipment. We would always recommend seeking a professional installer if you have any issues.

Discover the Simplicity of Cortejo Cork Flooring

Take the leap and replace your unwanted floors today, with our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring. With carefree installation and a whole host of unique advantages, cork is the best way to reinvent your interior with minimal hassle. With pure cork and wood-look finishes to suit any style or preference, explore our range and take advantage of our free samples today.


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