How Low-VOC Cork Flooring Promotes Cleaner Air and a Clearer Mind

Indoor air quality issues affect millions of households across the UK, with the common causes being certain processed woods, paints, and varnishes. Our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring offers a truly safe, healthy alternative.


The Dangers of Off-Gassing in Your Home

The term ‘off-gassing’ refers to the release or emission of gases, vapours, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from certain materials or substances into the air of your home. The implications are far-reaching. Headaches, itchy eyes, fatigue, and nasal congestion are common effects of prolonged exposure. And aesthetically, lingering odours and dust create an uninviting living environment.


Synthetic flooring is found in many homes, and some only have this type of flooring, with wider coverage only increasing the exposure risk. So the time for change is now.

How Our Cork Floors Cleanse Your Home

As a completely natural material derived from the renewable bark of cork oak trees, cork contains virtually no VOCs or off-gassing chemicals. This makes it ideal for promoting cleaner indoor air in your home.


Cork’s unique cellular structure absorbs humidity while allowing air to circulate freely throughout the room. This breathability actively reduces dust mites, pet dander, mould spores and other allergens in your home’s air.

Explore Our Cork Flooring Collection

Our Cortejo Cork Flooring comes in two styles to suit any home:

Natural Cork

This style is made up of several expertly crafted layers and a pure cork surface, which grants these floors their attractive look and fully natural construction. With several options to choose from, including the golden hues of Encruzado and the breathable mosaic of Barroca.


Featured Natural Cork Flooring

Wood Look

These floors boast stunning high-definition prints that mimic premium hardwood floors like oak. Options such as the whitewashed oak Trousseau or the rich walnut tones of Ramisco allow you to achieve a wood aesthetic while enjoying the benefits of pure cork construction.


Both styles are equally durable, comfortable, and air-purifying thanks to their pure cork inner composition.


Featured Wood Look Flooring

The Advantages of Cork Flooring for Homes

Beyond air quality, Cortejo Cork Flooring offers many other advantages:


Harvesting cork bark does not harm trees and, in fact, supports cork forests’ ecosystems. Its production also utilises waste from the cork industry for a negative carbon footprint.


Cork’s elasticity absorbs impacts, making it more shock-absorbent than other flooring options. It also provides a comfortable temperature throughout the year, acting as a natural thermal insulator.


With superior impact absorption, cork flooring reduces noise by up to 53% compared to traditional materials.


Purely natural and free of plastics/PVC, cork promotes better indoor air quality and overall well-being.


With beautiful natural cork patterns or convincing wood-look prints, our Cortejo Cork Flooring complements any interior design style.

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Breath a Little Easier With V4 Cork Flooring

Give your family the gift of cleaner indoor air and sustainable floors designed to last decades. With limited availability on some of our most popular Cortejo colours and styles, browse our full range of colours and patterns online and request your free samples today. And if you have any questions about what cork flooring can do for your home, or where you can find our Cortejo collection in a shop near you, feel free to reach out to us. Unbeatable health and comfort benefits are just a call or click away.


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