Unparalleled Comfort With Cortejo Cork Flooring

Finding that sweet spot between durability and comfort within home flooring can feel impossible. But with our range of cork flooring, weÔÇÖve finally achieved it, flawlessly balancing comfort and strength for floors that truly support you.


The Soft Vs. Solid Flooring Dilemma

Everyone has their own needs when it comes to flooring, and what works for some will not work for others. Hardwood, for example, is an ideal blend of aesthetics and practicality. But prolonged time on fully rigid flooring of any kind can take a toll on the body, with its inflexible hardness offering zero shock absorption or cushioning. The constant impacts of walking and standing on hard flooring reverberate straight through your body, and over time can result in chronic pain and inflammation in the back, knees, and hips.


While plush carpeting provides undeniable softness underfoot, its lack of support and stability brings about other problems. Without a solid foundation, feet sink and sag into the carpet, and this throws off all natural alignment and posture, potentially causing muscle strain and fatigue. What you need is a surface with the forgiving comfort of carpet and the stable support of hardwood, but all in one. A floor that cushions your steps without compromising your posture.

Cork Flooring for Ultimate Comfort at Home

As a completely natural material, cork contains an unrivalled fusion of softness and rigidity. Millions of flexible air cells cushion steps like foam while the layered internal structure provides enduring firmness.


Our Cortejo Cork Flooring ergonomically supports joints and absorbs impacts that other flooring types would transmit through the body. Cork significantly reduces spinal compression compared to hard floors, helping muscles relax, and tensions melt away, leaving you with a profoundly comfortable walking experience.

Get a Feeling for Our Range of Cork Flooring

We offer two unique types of cork flooring available, each with the same unbeatable comfort and benefits as each other:

Natural Cork

For those looking to embrace the cork aesthetic fully, our pure cork Cotejo flooring is sure to make a visual impact (while softening physical ones). We offer the classic cork texture in styles such as Encruzado, and more tiled approaches such as those found in Amarela and Barroca. 


Featured Natural Cork Flooring

Wood Look

If you want the look and ambience of wood flooring, but also want the impressive advantages that cork flooring provides, then our wood-look Cortejo flooring is the way to go. Using HD prints taken from real hardwood surfaces, we are able to replicate that unbeatable real wood finish but with all the cork comfort underneath.


Featured Wood Look Flooring

The Benefits of Cork Flooring

When you choose Cortejo Cork Flooring from V4, you receive more than just a comfortable and versatile flooring type. You also benefit from:

Shock Absorption

Cork gently cushions steps, reducing the amount of impact that travels up your legs and through your bones.

Postural Alignment

Proper balance and posture can be more easily maintained with supportive rigidity.

Pain/Strain Relief

Aches in the back, knees, hips, and feet that are caused by non-ergonomic flooring are minimised over time with cork.

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Try Our Ultra-Comfortable Cork Flooring For Yourself

Browse our full range of Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring today, and order your choice of free samples to really get a feel for the unbelievable comfort that the collection can provide. Once you have found the perfect cork floor for your home, use our built-in showroom locator to find a stockist near you and end your search for the most ergonomic flooring.


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