Experienced Unmatched Thermal Regulation With Our Cork Flooring

Homeowners across the UK want natural floors that keep their feet warm in the winter months and cool in the summer, whilst providing a good level of comfort and resilience.


Too Cold, Too Warm, and Never ‘Just Right’

Traditional flooring materials like solid wood, tile, and vinyl perform well in certain situations. But their thermal conductivity leads to unpredictable and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Moving around rugs for seasonal relief is an inconvenient and disruptive temporary solution, but it fails to address the underlying issue: floors that struggle to maintain a comfortable medium temperature on their own. 


What you need is flooring that hits the thermal ‘Goldilocks zone’ – not too hot, not too cold, but just right all year round.

How Our Cork Floors Ensure Your Comfort

As a natural material, cork contains millions of tiny air-filled pockets that provide unparalleled insulating properties. These pores trap air and control its flow, creating a barrier between the cork and external temperatures. Hot or cold ambient air struggles to penetrate through the cork’s cellular structure, and this means the floor maintains a comfortable, moderate temperature regardless of season or placement.


In summer, Cortejo Cork Floors remain pleasantly cool rather than scalding hot, and come winter, they are able to keep warmth in and cold out. Our reliable new collection offers the best attributes of wood and carpet, all in one solution. Cork merges the cosiness of carpet with the reliable rigidity of wood into one flooring.

Introducing Our Luxury Cork Flooring

Our selection of cork flooring comes in two styles to suit you and your interior style:

Natural Cork

Featuring a layered base and engineered cork surface, our Cortejo floors embody the full breadth of tone and texture that natural cork provides. You can choose from options such as Encruzado, for warm and homely hues, and Barroca, for a cool and sophisticated touch.


Featured Natural Cork Flooring

Wood Look

The believable aesthetic of our wood-look cork flooring is created using high-definition prints, meaning you can have the look and ambience of a hardwood floor but with all the benefits of soft and temperate cork. Choose from chilly Trousseau oak or the warm Ramisco oak, and create the ideal look and feel for your home.


Both of our distinct options offer a balance between comfortable softness and enduring rigidity, and this is all thanks to the all-natural materials used in their composition.


Featured Wood Look Flooring

The Advantages of Cork Flooring

Cortejo Cork Floors are also backed by our 35-year domestic installation guarantee, with their 2G glueless locking system simplifying installation for both professionals and DIY-savvy individuals. On top of this, cork flooring also holds several additional benefits, including:

Healthier Home

Cork is a natural material, meaning it is naturally low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), found in most carpets and types of vinyl, that risk off-gassing and polluting the air in your home.

Energy Savings

educe your monthly energy bills thanks to flooring that can regulate its own temperature and maintain a comfortable environment underfoot, all year long.

Cosy Feel

As a space between soft carpet and solid wood, cork offers never compromise their strength when providing comfort.


Minimise the seasonal plank expansion and contraction often experienced with solid wood planks and the risk of damage that comes with it, with cork breathing easily and staying put.

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Set Your Floors to the Perfect Temperature

Stop enduring and covering up floors that keep your feet cold and your house hot, and reach out to your local V4-approved retailer for a quote on our Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring. And if you are still exploring our range and trying to decide on a style, we have free samples available to order through our website. Reinvent your home with the added comfort of V4 cork flooring today.


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