Premium Engineered Wood Flooring for Architects

Engineered wood flooring delivers a versatile and durable solution for all your architectural projects, spanning residential to commercial spaces. It grants you the freedom to design without the constraints of traditional hardwood.

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Engineered wood flooring is a sophisticated flooring solution, crafted to offer the aesthetic allure of natural wood alongside enhanced structural stability. Unlike solid hardwood floors, engineered wood comprises multiple layers of timber – including birch, pine, poplar, and spruce – meticulously bonded to form a robust and stable base. This foundation is then topped with a hardwood lamella in either oak or walnut, ensuring each plank meets the performance and aesthetic expectations of your overall project.


Our engineered range utilises a combination of high-quality materials and precision engineering, and its multi-layered approach augments the floor’s durability and longevity, while supporting our commitment to sustainable forestry practices and offering you a real wood solution that covers all your bases.

A Closer Look at the Range

Our comprehensive portfolio spans various styles, finishes, and constructions, each tailored to enhance the aesthetic and functional demands of different spaces.

Alpine & Deco Parquet

The Alpine and Deco Parquet collections sit at the heart of our range, both celebrated for their versatility and beauty. The Alpine collection captures the essence of natural wood, with each plank meticulously crafted to bring the outdoors inside, offering a rustic yet refined look. On the other hand, the Deco collection is inspired by the 17th-century designs of the French aristocracy, featuring bold herringbone patterns and a sophisticated colour palette suitable for contemporary design schemes.

beautiful baroque-style flooring in a luxurious living room with large windows and a grand piano

For projects demanding a unique and customised approach, our bespoke flooring options allow you to specify dimensions, finishes, and wood types, ensuring a truly personalised solution that aligns perfectly with your vision.


Each collection within our catalogue is designed with you in mind, offering solutions that balance aesthetic desires with practical requirements. From the warmth and character of natural oak to the vibrant zig-zags of our chevron designs, complete your plans with precision, sustainability, and unparalleled style.

Why Choose Engineered Wood Over Solid Hardwood?

You might still be weighing up your options in terms of hardwood floors, but engineered wood flooring presents a compelling alternative to traditional solid wood planks. Durability is the hallmark of engineered floors, as each plank has been expertly crafted to withstand heavy everyday use and various environmental strains.


The cost-effectiveness of engineered wood emerges as another clear winner, thanks to its lower initial cost per square foot and reduced maintenance requirements – allowing you to invest in the timeless look of hardwood flooring without the common pitfalls of its predecessor.

The Benefits of Engineered Wood Floors for Architects

Flexibility in Aesthetics and Design

This flooring solution offers unparalleled design flexibility, with a wide array of finishes and styles to complement any interior theme. Whether the project demands the classic looks of oak or the modern appeal of walnut, our engineered wood range can adapt seamlessly to your envisioned aesthetic, providing the creative freedom to realise your highest ambitions.

Long-Lasting Durability

While traditional hardwood is prone to warping and expanding in response to environmental changes, engineered wood’s layered construction provides superior stability, resisting fluctuations in humidity and temperature. This makes it suitable for a wider range of applications, including over underfloor heating systems and in areas with varying climate conditions.

This structural integrity ensures durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

Sustainability From Veneer to Base

Our commitment to eco-friendliness is evident in our use of hardwood, ethically sourced in carefully managed forests in Europe – where each tree has been grown alongside the well-being of the surrounding ecosystem. We have also meticulously tuned our manufacturing process to make sure that no wood is unnecessarily wasted.

Engineered planks also use a fraction of the timber that traditional planks do, meaning a much higher yield per tree and a drastically reduced wastage.

Streamlined Installation and Maintenance

Thanks to innovative click-and-lock systems or traditional tongue & groove options, our engineered wood flooring helps you to accommodate fast-paced project timelines without compromising on quality. Each plank’s low maintenance requirements also further reduce the long-term care needed, ensuring the flooring remains pristine with minimal effort.

Meeting All Technical Specifications

The V4 range of engineered wood floors offers solutions that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Whether your project requires flooring compatible with underfloor heating or specific acoustic or load-bearing properties, our collection is equipped to meet these technical requirements.

Why Architects Are Choosing V4

We are a go-to choice for architects and a leading flooring provider across the UK for our:

  • Extensive Product Range: We offer a diverse selection of engineered wood floors in various finishes, styles, and constructions to match any design vision. We can also create fully bespoke floors based on your unique specifications.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Our engineered wood flooring requires less energy to produce and transport compared to solid hardwood, providing the ideal planet-first alternative for your next project.
  • Generous Commercial Warranty: We provide tailored warranties to all our commercial clients, as well as an exceptional 35-year guarantee on all residential projects, clearly demonstrating our confidence in quality and longevity.
  • Architect-Focused Support: Our team is here to provide specialised assistance to you and your team throughout your project, including the flooring selection, specification, and installation processes.
  • Ongoing Maintenance Advice: Even after your installation is complete, we can provide your client with all the guidance they need to properly care for their new floors, and maintain the integrity of your careful work.

Technical Resources and Support for Architects

Recognising the importance of detailed, accurate information for successful project outcomes, we offer an extensive collection of technical documents, including product data sheets, installation guides, and maintenance advice.

Installation Guides

Our guides cover every aspect of the flooring process, offering step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth, efficient installation. Whether the project requires a floating floor setup, glue-down installation, or the integration of underfloor heating systems, these guides provide clear, easy-to-follow directions that adhere to industry best practices.

Maintenance Advice

We provide detailed recommendations on how to preserve the beauty and durability of flooring over time. From routine cleaning tips to advice on addressing wear and tear, these guidelines help ensure that floors maintain their visual appeal and structural integrity.

Dedicated Support Team

This service is invaluable for navigating the wide range of products and options, addressing specific project requirements, and troubleshooting any challenges that may arise during the specification and installation processes.

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With a heritage of quality and innovation, our extensive range of engineered wood flooring options is designed to meet the highest standards of aesthetics, durability, and sustainability. For detailed consultations, sample requests, or to discuss your specific project requirements, our dedicated team is ready to assist you.


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