Engineered Wood Floors for An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Solid Wood Planks

As professionals in the flooring industry, we are constantly working to prioritise sustainable solutions in our wood flooring designs.


Meeting Your Client’s Sustainability Needs in 2024

As architects, you face a constant and growing pressure to incorporate sustainable materials into designs as clients and industry standards prioritise a greener stance – and flooring, a critical element in every project, presents its own unique challenge. Many conventional flooring materials may not meet strict environmental criteria, lack the necessary certifications, or pose health risks due to high VOC emissions. 


To address these challenges, architects need flooring solutions that align with green building certifications like LEED and BREEAM while remaining visually appealing and practical. Materials must be responsibly sourced and manufactured using sustainable processes to meet compliance standards. Additionally, they must offer longevity to minimise lifecycle costs and environmental impact.

The Drawbacks of Traditional Wood Flooring

Despite their aesthetic appeal, solid wood planks come with significant environmental drawbacks. They require harvesting large quantities of slow-growing trees, which impacts forest ecosystems, and are prone to warping and swelling in fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels – resulting in a need for more frequent replacement or maintenance, which increases waste further. While solid hardwood flooring can last a long time, its vulnerability to environmental changes reduces its overall stability​.


On the other hand, engineered wood maximises timber usage by incorporating a thin veneer of high-quality hardwood over a core of fast-growing, sustainably sourced woods like birch, pine, spruce, or poplar. This construction reduces the need for slow-growing hardwood trees while providing a product that resists warping and expansion.

Why Choose V4 Engineered Wood Flooring?

By choosing V4 Wood Flooring’s engineered wood floors, architects can achieve a balance of aesthetic appeal, stability, and eco-friendliness for their projects. We ensure our engineered wood floors are responsibly sourced, ethically manufactured, and built to last.

Better-for-the-Planet Construction

Each plank features a stable, multi-layer core topped with a real wood veneer, ensuring structural integrity and resistance to warping. This high durability translates to reduced maintenance and replacement costs over the flooring’s long lifespan.

Sustainable Sourcing and Production

All V4 Wood Flooring products are crafted from timber sourced from sustainably managed forests. With certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), we guarantee that our raw materials are sourced responsibly.

Greener Versatility

Engineered wood flooring is extremely versatile and can be used in various settings – much like traditional solid wood planks – including homes and commercial spaces and offices. It’s compatible with underfloor heating and also provides greater efficiency in terms of energy usage.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Practices

By reducing the thickness of the wear layer on engineered wood floors, we have increased the timber yield from each tree by up to 20%. This maximises efficiency and ensures the preservation of valuable natural resources without compromising quality. 


Our reclaimed wood flooring collection, Vestige Reclaimed, gives new life to historical timber by repurposing aged wood for modern projects. Throughout this range, we utilise low-VOC finishes to reduce indoor air pollution and preserve the natural vibrance of these reclaimed pieces.

Deliver More Sustainable Designs With Engineered Wood Floors

Choose V4 Wood Flooring for your sustainable designs and discover how our engineered wood floors can make the right kind of difference in your projects. Our eco-friendly flooring options provide exceptional quality and style while meeting the highest environmental standards. Contact us today to request free samples and find a supplier for your next project.


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