Engineered Wood Flooring with Superior Technical Performance

High load-bearing capacities, excellent acoustic properties, and compatibility with underfloor heating systems are essential to ensure the durability and functionality of any space. Our engineered solutions are designed to fulfil these requirements.

V4 Engineered Wood Flooring

Meet Your Project’s Needs With Engineered Wood Floors

Our engineered wood flooring solutions are designed with advanced features that ensure high performance, durability, and versatility when tackling common roadblocks in architectural projects, such as:

High Load-Bearing Capacity

Flooring must support significant weight without deforming, especially in commercial settings with heavy foot traffic or equipment. Poor load-bearing capacity can lead to structural issues and costly repairs.

Our engineered wood floors are built to support significant weight without deforming. The multi-layered construction provides exceptional stability, distributing weight evenly across the floor.

Superior Acoustic Properties

Floors must minimise noise transmission between levels, creating a more comfortable environment in multi-storey buildings. Inadequate acoustic performance can lead to disturbances and dissatisfaction among occupants.

Engineered wood excels in this area, offering superior noise reduction capabilities. The dense core layers of these engineered boards help to dampen sound, minimising noise transmission between floors.

Compatibility with Various Subfloors and Underfloor Heating Systems

Modern buildings increasingly incorporate energy-efficient heating solutions, and flooring must withstand temperature fluctuations without warping or losing integrity. Incorrectly matched flooring can lead to inefficiency and damage, compromising the heating system and the floor itself.

Our engineered wood floors are compatible with a wide range of subfloors, including concrete, plywood, and existing wooden floors. They are also designed to work seamlessly with underfloor heating systems. The stability and moisture resistance of our multi-layered planks prevent warping and ensure efficient heat distribution, making them ideal for energy-efficient building designs.

Our Collection of Engineered Designs for Demanding Projects

Each type of engineered wood flooring in our range is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional durability. To meet the technical and functional requirements of your project, you may choose:

Engineered Planks

Available in a variety of widths and finishes, plank flooring is designed to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain, making it an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

Traditional Parquet

With intricate patterns such as herringbone and baroque, this type of flooring is perfect for creating eye-catching, detailed floor designs that add character and charm to residential and commercial spaces.


For those looking to make a bold statement, chevron and herringbone engineered wood flooring feature precise, angular patterns that create dynamic visual interest. These designs are excellent for adding a touch of luxury and architectural interest to any room.

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Floors Engineered for Strength, Acoustics, and Compatibility

Choose V4 engineered wood flooring for your architectural projects and experience the superior technical performance and high standards our range provides. Our products are designed to meet the most stringent technical specifications, ensuring durability, acoustic excellence, and compatibility with the varied elements of your design. Contact us today to request free samples or find a supplier in the area of your current or upcoming project. Or reach out to our team to discuss your options in more detail. We are here to help make it happen.


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