Engineered Wood Flooring Designs to Suit Any Interior

Our collection of engineered wood flooring offers an array of styles, textures, and finishes, each designed to enrich your projects and offer you the freedom to create, experiment, and express your clients' needs.


Our Diverse Range of Engineered Wood Flooring

Our collection encompasses a diverse range of design styles, each with its unique appeal to fit various interior concepts. Each style in our range provides a unique opportunity to create distinct and memorable interior spaces.

Engineered Planks

With its wide and long boards, offers a classic and versatile look that enhances the feeling of a space, making it ideal for both modern and traditional settings.

Traditional Parquet

Known for its small wooden pieces arranged in intricate geometric patterns, adds texture and visual interest, perfect for elegant, classic interiors. Two key design styles within our engineered parquet ranges are:


  • Chevron Flooring: With its angled ends forming a continuous zigzag, brings a sophisticated and dynamic aesthetic, aligning well with contemporary and chic spaces.
  • Herringbone Flooring: Characterised by its staggered, interlocking zigzag pattern, offers depth and character, suitable for a range of designs from the traditional to the modern.

Our Signature Design Styles

Here are just a few examples of the sheer breadth of design potential we offer, with some signature ranges such as:

Natural Warmth and Rustic Charm

The Alpine Collection, with its rustic oak and walnut planks, is perfect for creating warm, natural spaces.

The Baristi Collection’s rich shades in oak plank and herringbone floors cater to a contemplative and warm design palette.

Sophistication and Elegance

For a touch of sophistication, the Deco Plank and Parquet lines, featuring wild-grained American black walnut and European rustic oaks, are ideal.

The Baroque Design Panels bring a historical elegance to modern spaces.

Contemporary and Modern Designs

For contemporary spaces, the Tundra Collection‘s finely engineered oak floors offer a modern aesthetic, while the unique Woodura technology of Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring brings unmatched durability and a sleek finish.

The Aurora Collection, with its hand-finished textures, provides a bespoke feel, suitable for both traditional and modern designs.

Antique and Historical Inspiration

For those seeking a sense of antiquity, Basilica’s tumbled and distressed planks add character and depth.

Nostalgic and Minimalist Atmospheres

The Impressions Aged and Nouveau collections provide weathered and subtle tonal variations, ideal for creating a nostalgic or minimalist atmosphere.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

Linia Eco and the Seascapes Collection offer sustainable and naturally inspired options, reflecting the beauty of the environment. 

Vestige Reclaimed, made from salvaged oak, brings a unique, storied element to any space.

V4 Wood Flooring in Diverse Settings

herringbone wood floors in a kitchen looking out over a back garden

1930s House Kitchen Remodel in Surrey

Caroline and Paul Wilson undertook a big kitchen remodel in their 1930s house in Surrey. They chose the Smoked Oak herringbone from the Deco Parquet collection, enhancing the natural tones of European oak. This matched their dark oak shaker-style cabinets and white marble countertops, balancing traditional and modern styles.

Heather’s Family Home Design

Heather, an experienced V4 flooring user, selected Wharf Grey from the Deco Plank collection for her family home. The long European oak engineered planks, with their unique mix of grey and brown tones, provided a contemporary rustic design, durable enough for a busy family.

modern kitchen with oak wood floors

1920s Cottage Renovation in Surrey

Teresa and Alex transformed their 1920s cottage, which originally felt cold, into a warm and unique family home. They picked Blackpool from the custom Seascapes collection, a floor with muted and varied brown tones, offering a uniquely textured surface. This seamlessly matched the deep blue kitchen units downstairs and a custom sisal rug upstairs, creating a cohesive and warm design throughout the house.

Why Interior Designers Choose Our Flooring

Whether your project calls for the rustic charm of the Alpine Collection or the contemporary elegance of the Tundra series, we offer options that resonate with every design vision.


The adaptability of our engineered wood flooring extends into various settings, from bustling commercial areas to serene residential spaces, and the ability to select from plank, parquet, chevron, and herringbone patterns empowers designers to craft these spaces into unique and engaging environments.


Our commitment to combining style with practicality ensures that interior designers have access to flooring solutions that are aesthetically diverse, durable, and sustainable.

Design Something Exciting Today

Explore the potential of our engineered wood flooring options and request samples to see it for yourself. Our team is also here and available to provide more information on our ranges and bespoke options. We are here to help you find the perfect finishing touch for your next design project.


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