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We are proud to offer an engineered wood flooring range that simplifies every step – from installation to maintenance.


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A Simple Fitting Makes All the Difference

Easy installation of flooring is a significant advantage, particularly for interior designers managing tight deadlines and multiple projects. Engineered wood flooring from V4 is designed with this in mind, offering a streamlined installation process that saves considerable time and effort.


This simple installation method has the potential to accelerate project timelines and reduce labour costs, which is especially important in commercial spaces. The straightforward process also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

How We Simplify the Process for You

All of our flooring is designed with a user-friendly approach, accommodating various installation methods to suit different project needs. One of the key features is the click-lock system, which allows the planks to easily snap together, significantly reducing installation time. This method eliminates the need for extensive tools or adhesives, making it a clean and straightforward process.


The engineered wood’s construction also ensures stability and uniformity, and can be floated over an underlay, simplifying the alignment and fitting of the planks and providing an ideal solution in rooms with varying moisture levels. This not only speeds up the installation but also ensures a high-quality finish every time. 


For areas requiring more permanent installation, the option to glue down or nail down the flooring is available, offering flexibility based on the specific requirements of the space.

Maintaining Your Interiors With Minimal Effort

Designed for the demands of modern living, our engineered wood floors are inherently low maintenance. The surface finishes applied to each collection, such as durable lacquers and natural oils, provide a protective layer that resists everyday wear and tear, stains, and spills.


Routine care involves simple sweeping or hoovering to remove dust and debris, along with occasional damp mopping using a suitable cleaner. The robust construction of our engineered flooring also means they are less prone to damage and scratches, which further eases your and your client’s maintenance efforts.

Client Maintenance Advice for Engineered Wood Flooring

Post-installation, it’s important for clients to understand how to maintain their engineered wood flooring. These simple practices will help clients keep their engineered wood flooring in pristine condition for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

Advise clients to regularly sweep or hoover the floor to remove dirt and grit. For deeper cleaning, use a damp mop with a mild wood floor cleaner.


Avoid Excess Water

While engineered wood is more moisture-resistant than solid hardwood, it’s still important to avoid excessive water. Spills should be wiped up promptly.


Protect from Scratches

Recommend using felt pads under furniture legs and avoid dragging furniture across the floor. Also, suggest mats at entryways to minimise dirt and grit build-up.


Maintain Humidity Levels

Engineered wood performs best under consistent humidity. Recommend using humidifiers or dehumidifiers if necessary.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Strong cleaning agents can damage the floor’s finish. Suggest using cleaners specifically designed for engineered wood flooring.

Refinishing Options

Let clients know that if the floor’s surface becomes significantly scratched or worn, professional refinishing may be an option, depending on the thickness of the top layer.

What About Acclimatisation?

Acclimatisation is a crucial step in the installation of engineered wood flooring, ensuring the flooring adapts to the specific environmental conditions of the space where it will be installed. Following these acclimatisation steps ensures the longevity and aesthetic quality of the engineered wood flooring once installed.


Before the flooring arrives, ensure all wet trades and decorating in the space are completed and dry.

Acclimatisation Period

Once the flooring arrives, leave the planks in their breathable packaging in the room where they will be installed for 48 to 72 hours. This allows the wood to adjust to the room’s humidity level and temperature, ideally between 18°C and 24°C.

Relative Humidity (RH)

Engineered wood flooring performs best when the RH is between 45% and 65%. Use a moisture meter to check levels. If necessary, use a dehumidifier to balance moisture content.

Risks of Skipping Acclimatisation

Without proper acclimatisation, engineered wood can warp, develop cracks, or show imperfections due to its hygroscopic nature (absorption and release of moisture).

Efficiency of V4’s Flooring

V4’s engineered wood flooring takes a shorter time to acclimatise compared to traditional hardwood, and its packaging allows for this process without the need for laying out or cross-stacking.

Impact of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can aid in acclimatisation, especially during warm and humid conditions, by maintaining a stable environment.

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Save Time and Money With Adaptable Engineered Wood Floors

Our engineered wood flooring collections promise both style and functionality, and are perfect for time-conscious projects requiring quick installation and low maintenance. Explore the range today, request free samples to appreciate our signature quality, or get in touch for detailed information on installation and upkeep.


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