The V4 Q&A Series – Issue 4 – Engineered Wood Flooring for Interior Designers & Architects

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our Q&A series. In our previous issues, we guided new homeowners through the essentials of selecting the perfect flooring, from the durable charm of laminate to the sustainable appeal of cork. Now, we pivot our focus to the professionals who shape our living spaces, offering in-depth insights into engineered wood flooring.



Engineered Wood Flooring for Interior Designers & Architects

Our engineered wood flooring stands out for its robust build and sleek finish, aligning with the practical and aesthetic demands of interior design and architecture, and offering a dependable foundation for a range of project scopes.

What is the source and quality of the wood used in V4’s engineered flooring?

We select premium-grade woods, primarily European oak, known for its robustness and appealing grain patterns, and we adhere to strict regulations, guaranteeing that all timber we use is harvested with a conscientious approach to forest management.

How does engineered wood flooring compare to solid hardwood?

Our engineered wood flooring offers exceptional durability, equalling, and in some cases exceeding, that of solid hardwood. As an example, the multi-layered construction of our boards enhances stability, reducing the wood’s natural tendency to expand and contract with changes in humidity. This makes it less likely to warp or split compared to solid wood, extending its lifespan. 

The top layer of high-quality hardwood veneer we use provides the authentic look and feel of solid wood, while the engineered core ensures longevity. With proper care, engineered floors can last as long as traditional ones, making them a wise investment for both residential and commercial spaces seeking long-term flooring solutions.


What installation methods are available for engineered wood flooring?

These floors can be installed in a number of ways, including:

  • Floated: This is an efficient method where planks interlock and lay over an underlay, allowing for expansion and contraction. All our plank floors may be floated except for the Tundra plank collection.
  • Glued: This is where planks are stuck directly to a suitable subfloor for a more permanent fixture, providing a solid, stable feel underfoot. Our parquet and herringbone floors must always be fully bonded with glue to the subfloor.
  • Nailed: For those seeking a traditional approach, the flooring can also be secret-nailed to a wooden subfloor. Secret nailing is possible with some of our engineered floors, if they are 18 mm thick or more. 

These flexible installation methods make our engineered wood flooring adaptable to a range of interior designs and architectural specifications, ensuring a seamless fit for any project.


Can engineered wood flooring be used with underfloor heating systems?

Absolutely. Our engineered wood floors are fully compatible with underfloor heating systems, making them an ideal choice for modern, energy-efficient projects. The construction of each plank ensures stability and efficient heat transfer, essential for maintaining the integrity of the flooring over time. 

It is important to follow our guidelines for installation over underfloor heating to ensure optimal performance. This includes checking the system’s maximum heat output and ensuring the temperature of the subfloor does not exceed the recommended limits, thus preserving the beauty and longevity of the flooring while providing an even, comfortable warmth throughout the space.

What thicknesses are available, and how do they impact wear and refinishing options?

The range of thicknesses we offer typically ranges from 10 mm to 21 mm, with the majority coming in at 14 mm. These ranges feature a wear layer of 0.6 mm to 6 mm, averaging around 3 mm. The thickness of the plank and the wear layer directly influence the floor’s durability and the number of times it can be sanded and refinished. 

Thicker wear layers can be sanded down and refinished multiple times, extending the life of the flooring. This versatility allows for greater adaptability over the lifespan of the flooring, accommodating the evolving tastes and requirements of any interior design or architectural project.

How does engineered wood respond to humidity and temperature changes?

The layered construction of our engineered wood flooring, with a hardwood lamella bonded to a robust plywood base, allows for natural wood expansion and contraction without warping or buckling. This makes it a reliable choice for environments where such changes are a concern, ensuring the flooring maintains its integrity and appearance over time.

What warranty does V4 offer on engineered wood flooring?

Our commitment to quality is underscored by our 35-year guarantee for domestic use, provided the flooring is installed and maintained according to our comprehensive guidelines. This assurance extends to the expert suppliers and fitters who are responsible for the correct application of our product line, ensuring that the flooring’s longevity is preserved through proper installation and care. 

For commercial installations, warranty terms are tailored to the specific project, but our team is on hand to provide bespoke advice.


What range of styles, patterns, and colours are available?

We offer an extensive palette of styles, patterns, and colours to satisfy the creative demands of any design project. 

  • Our bespoke flooring options, including parquet, plank, and square edge types, allow for a high degree of customisation. 
  • Our engineered wood floors are available in oil or lacquered finishes, with Invisible, Matt, and Satin Lacquers available to provide varying sheens.
  • Textures like brushed, distressed, and smoked add character – the latter being a method of darkening the wood itself – while a spectrum of colours from natural to white ensures a match for every interior theme.

How eco-friendly is the production process of V4’s engineered wood flooring?

We are committed to eco-friendly practices throughout our production processes. We source all of our timber from sustainably managed forests, ensuring a responsible supply chain that contributes to forest health and biodiversity. 

The engineering of our wood flooring minimises waste by maximising the use of all parts of the tree, and we employ advanced manufacturing techniques that reduce emissions and energy consumption.


What are the acoustic properties of engineered wood flooring?

The layered construction of engineered wood includes a stabilising core that dampens sound, making it an ideal choice for multi-level buildings where footfall can be an issue. 

For enhanced acoustic performance, we offer specialised underlays that further absorb sound, providing a quieter and more serene environment.

Can engineered wood flooring be sanded and refinished?

The number of times engineered flooring can be sanded depends on the thickness of its top wood layer. Typically, our floors with a thicker wear layer can be sanded at least once during their lifetime. However, with proper care and maintenance, the need for sanding can be minimised, preserving the original finish and integrity of the floor for many years.


How does V4 ensure the quality and consistency of its engineered wood flooring across batches?

We pride ourselves on our stringent quality control measures, put in place to maintain consistency across all engineered wood flooring batches. Each batch undergoes rigorous inspection, ensuring that the wood’s source, colour, grain, and finish meet the highest of standards, with advanced manufacturing techniques ensuring precise specifications for thickness, width, length, and colour consistency.

What are the lead times for large orders of engineered wood flooring?

Our engineered wood flooring collections are stocked all across the UK, and can be dispatched with next day delivery (subject to availability). Our bespoke collections are made to order and can usually be delivered within 2 to 6 weeks from the date of ordering.

Bring Engineered Wood Flooring Into Your Next Project

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