Flooring Trends and Design Inspiration for Homes in 2024

Flooring can make or break the look of a home, and this is why staying current with the latest flooring trends is essential for designers and homeowners alike. The good news is that the top floors for 2024 deliver fresh, inspirational styles for every interior.

From rich wood tones to natural textures, the trends we have observed on the horizon reflect a desire for looks with depth, character, and a connection to nature. Varied patterns and mixed materials also provide visual interest while retaining a refined, cohesive look.

Some of the top flooring trends poised to rise in popularity this year include:

  • Vivid visual textures and naturally imperfect materials
  • Striking geometrics and expressive abstract patterns
  • Chic darker wood tones like walnut and aged oak
  • Distressed, reclaimed, and heritage-inspired looks
  • Innovative shapes like chevron, herringbone, and parquet

This guide will explore all the noteworthy flooring trends for 2024 and reveal how our collections make it simple to achieve ‚Äėthe look‚Äô. Read on to discover inspirational styles and cutting-edge floors to update your interior for this year, the next, and beyond.


The Best Floors for Your Home in 2024


Engineered Wood Flooring


Richer, Darker Wood Tones

The overarching wood flooring trend is towards darker, moodier shades like walnut, aged oak, and charcoal-toned greys. These sophisticated neutrals provide a stately foundation for decor in your home.

Some classic examples of these deeper tonal qualities include our ornate Kensington Charcoal Oaks, the cool, textural tones of our Cassiopeia planks, and the shaded woods of our Phoenix Oak planks.


Distressed and Reclaimed Looks

Floors with a distressed, imperfect finish feel innately chic, especially in 2024 when our tastes are moving more towards reuse and sustainability. This style is often characterised by pronounced natural knots and gaps, as well as vintage or salvaged styles.

Our offerings in this area include our Unfinished Herringbone Oak, as well as the sunset tones and charred grain of our Indulus range, and the subtle grey hues of our Antila planks.


Unique Herringbone and Chevron Patterns

For visual impact, bold herringbone, chevron, and parquet patterns in statement-making engineered wood make any room feel complete. These styles stem from 17th-century French interiors and can embed a sense of heritage charm into your space.

Our intricate parquet floors come in contrasting¬†Natural Oak Chevron¬†and¬†Smoked Oak Chevron¬†ranges, as well as the stunning herringbones of¬†Blue Mountain¬†and¬†Cataui¬†‚Äď all of which can inject major style into your home‚Äôs interior.


Classic and Timeless Planks

While striking patterns can dazzle and invigorate a space visually, classic wide plank floors will never go out of style.

The smooth Pebble Grey and Brushed Oak are brilliant choices for almost any space. You could also opt for the warming antique look of our Sunlit Oak planks, as well as the perennial appeal of our pale Nordic Beach collection.

Decor Pairings

On-trend engineered wood floors support both classic and contemporary furnishings equally. Try to offset intricate parquet with sleek mid-century pieces and geometric patterns, or pair wide planks with cosy traditional furnishings and layered rugs in natural hues.

ZB101 Frozen Umber V4 Regiate 2

Laminate Flooring


Natural Wood Visuals with Texture

Laminate flooring with convincing wood grain, knots, and colour variations maintains a nature-inspired style beautifully. Our range hits this mark by incorporating high-definition timber imagery on top of our signature softwood base.

The laminates we offer like the weathered Fenland Oak, the rocky Cairn Stone planks, and the warmer Hay Bluff pieces replicate real oak floors beautifully, in both their depiction of unique wood grains and knots, alongside the varied tones of each plank.

Decor Pairings

Expressive laminate floors demand equally distinct decor, but the choice is yours. With the natural wooden patterns we offer in our range, you are free to decorate your space how you see fit, as wood is such a versatile surface and can set off both modern and vintage styles.

NEXL38DSC 2078

Cork Flooring


Natural Tones and Raw Finishes

Warm beiges, earthy taupes, and organic variations channel cork’s natural beauty. These floors are also perfect for homes with an eco-edge, as well as homeowners who are looking to express and support their dedication to the environment and ethical renovation.

Encruzado and Arinto are styles of cork planks whose colours provide grounded neutrals with raw texture. We also offer wood print tones such as Touriga and Trousseau which both offer a contrast of colour with an equally natural look.


Hints of Colour for Subtle Pops

As cork flooring works best in sustainably styled spaces, a gentle touch is often all that’s required. Infuse light cork floors with hints of colour for a visual uplift and sense of cohesion.

Tempranillo and Avesso Oak washes inject soft pops of colour to backdrop the furnishings in your space. Deeper shades like Barroca and Moreto Oak, on the other hand, add earthy contrast.


Wood Style with Cork Benefits

Cork floors replicating wood aesthetics blend the best of both worlds.

Choices like Ramisco Oak, with its authentic oak graining, offer a convincing wood look while retaining cork’s inherent comfort, eco-friendliness, and noise control.


Decor Pairings

Natural cork floors allow furnishings and decor to take the spotlight. Pair organic textures with stone, rattans, and linen for a serene style and Scandinavian inspiration. Soft neutrals complement both mid-century and traditional spaces, alongside the natural colours found in biophilic interiors.

COR101 Cortejo GU3 16

Stay Ahead of the Curve With V4 Wood Flooring


The top flooring trends for 2024 unlock fresh new possibilities for residential and commercial interiors alike. From dramatic wood grains to organic cork textures, this year’s floors make a statement while retaining refined, timeless elegance. Our extensive engineered wood, laminate, and cork collections contain a plethora of options to bring all these styles to life. Our ranges check every box from rich oak planks to abstract laminate prints and unique cork tiles. When you work with V4, updating your floors is simple and stylish.


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