Reducing the Flooring Industry’s Impact on the Environment

close up of freshly cut logs in a forest

What is V4 Wood Flooring doing to reduce the impact that the wood flooring industry has on the environment?


This year, we made the decision to reduce the thickness of the Oak wear layer on our engineered floors. In doing so we have been able to increase the yield from a tree by 20%, aiding responsible forestry and ensuring the preservation of valuable Oak for generations to come. Another added benefit of reducing the thickness of the wear layer is consumer costs. With the rising cost of raw materials worldwide, we are able to keep your costs lower without compromising on quality.


You don’t always need new timber to create beautiful wood floors. At V4, our Vesige Reclaimed collection offers a beautifully aged design using oak from ancient agricultural buildings in Eastern Europe. Steeped in history, the timber is carefully selected before being precision milled to create the high-quality floors V4 is
synonymous with. Not only does reusing this timber reduce the environmental impact of flooring manufacturing, but it also offers a design complete with unique markings that only come with genuine aged timber. Explore our Vestige Reclaimed collection here.

What’s more, you can now you can return your samples to your local retailer once you are finished with them, and we will collect them ready to be used again for a new design story, meaning nothing is going to waste.


Our wood floors are built to last a lifetime, as reflected in our guarantee, but if you do decide it is time for a change, you can recycle your V4 wood floors at your local recycling centre. This gives the timber an opportunity to continue its journey rather than being sent to a landfill and burnt, releasing Carbon into the atmosphere.


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