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For over three generations, we have specialised in the design and creation of engineered wood flooring for residential and commercial settings across the UK. The wood we use is precision-crafted from the finest cuts of European oak and American walnut, ensuring a long-lasting and visually stunning finish. We believe a quality hardwood floor should last for generations which is why all V4 Wood Flooring is covered for domestic use by a 35-year guarantee.

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What is Engineered Wood Flooring? Engineered wood flooring is almost indistinguishable from hardwood floors

V4’s signature range is strengthened using precision-cut, multi-ply assortments of birch, pine, poplar, or spruce, which are layered into a strong base, ready to be topped with your hardwood of choice. This top layer is called the ‘lamella’ and not only provides sustained durability long-term, but also a beautifully rich finish. Engineered wood flooring offers the same unbeatable look of hardwood, but at a fraction of the cost. Traditional hardwood options can be very expensive and can require constant maintenance and repair. Engineered wood flooring is an easy-going alternative with added durability, but with the charm and elegance of hardwood.

The Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring True Sustainability

Engineered wood flooring’s biggest advantage over hardwood flooring is that it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. Traditional hardwood planks will be cut to at least 14 mm thick, sometimes even as much as 22 mm, whereas engineered planks use multi-ply construction to reduce the surface-level lamella to between 2 and 6 mm. This is a 60% increase in yield per tree harvested. All of our timber is sourced from managed forests; for every tree felled, several fast-growing saplings are planted in its place. Each tree is cared for individually, and the greater timberland is monitored to treat imperfections before they can be passed on. Managed woodlands are a vital resource that is not only sustainable but also delivers the highest quality lumber, guaranteeing pristine quality across all of our flooring.

Unmatched Versatility

Unmatched Versatility

Engineered wood flooring can be made from almost any species of wood.

This is due to the multi-ply reinforcement that standard hardwood floors lack – providing support and added strength for high-traffic areas. This added layer also grants you the freedom to choose just about any species of wood for the lamella.

We specialise in oak and walnut, as they are the strongest and most adaptable in a range of environments.

Unlike other wooden flooring options, you can lay engineered wood flooring just about anywhere. Combine this with our expertly engineered lock system and tongue & groove fittings, your chosen flooring is quick and easy to fit.

Best in All Conditions

When we say you can lay engineered wood floors almost anywhere, we mean it.

Our floors work well in areas where temperature and moisture levels fluctuate, thanks to the flexible layered construction. They also work in tandem with contemporary underfloor heating systems, unlike solid wood flooring. With an overall thickness of 15 mm, heat transfer will be evenly spread and completely unhindered.

Lasting Durability

Oak has lined the floors of residential properties across the UK for over 400 years, and it’s no wonder why. Our engineered wood planks are designed using multi-ply bases to achieve an extremely hard-wearing finish.

To seal the deal, we future-proof all of our wooden floorings with low-VOC lacquer or oil.

Visualising Your V4 Wood Flooring.

Using our state-of-art room visualiser, you can map out your own room over the top of your engineered wood floor of choice. From there, we get to work precision cutting, sanding, and finishing your new wooden flooring, ready for speedy delivery to your home. Our engineered wood floors are covered by a 35-year domestic guarantee, and for commercial projects we also offer a tailored warranty, so no matter your situation, you can rest assured that the engineered wood flooring you have installed is there to stay.

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How do I maintain my engineered wood flooring?

After precision-cutting and sanding our engineered wood flooring, we future-proof it using a combination of four low-VOC finishes: natural, hardwax, UV, and lacquer oil.
This treatment ensures a low-maintenance and long-lasting finish on all of our engineered wooden flooring, while maintaining a natural aesthetic. To keep your engineered wooden flooring in pristine condition, you can also:

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly to reduce the risk of embedded debris and abrasion
  • Avoid crossing with heavy-duty or dirty outdoor footwear
  • Apply pads to your furniture to minimise scratches and scuffs
  • Clean up spillages and avoid leaving water puddles for long periods
  • Opt for specialist floor cleaners over harsher household alternatives
  • Vacuum before washing your floors to avoid staining
  • Use non-abrasive mops and cloths for cleaning

Note: Do not use steam cleaners.

Engineered wood floor and laminate: which is right for me?

That all depends on what you want to achieve with your new flooring. Laminate flooring is made using high density fiberboard and printed to look and feel like real wood. The effect is convincing, and laminate flooring is extremely durable and scratch-resistant – so perfect for high traffic areas or homes with pets.

Engineered wood floors are made using real wood, and are a heavy-duty and cost-effective alternative to standard hardwood. If you want real wood floors that last, choose engineered wood over laminate.

How should I prepare for my engineered wood floor installation?

Make sure that any building work is complete before scheduling an installation date. It will also be easier if any decorating work has also been finished, as once the flooring has been laid it will need at least a day to sit before it can resume taking weight.

Once your engineered wood flooring arrives, it is important to leave it to acclimatise in the space for between 48 and 72 hours. This will give the wood time to naturally settle into the space and reduce the risk of warping and damage after laying.

Can I install engineered wood flooring myself?

When re-flooring your property, it is best for your safety and the quality of the work to rely on the experience of professional installation teams.

You can rely on your approved V4 retailer to make, deliver, and fit our engineered wood flooring properly and efficiently, as well as conduct important quality testing to make sure your new wooden flooring is up to our standard.

See our detailed installation guides to familiarise yourself with the processes soon to be undertaken, and then find a stockist near you.


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