Responsible Forestry

small sapling trees with protection around their trunks

Discover the importance of responsible forestry.

looking up at the top of a tree from the ground, green leafy foliage

Home to 80% of the world’s plants and land animals, forests are part of a highly integrated eco-system, meaning the effects of illegal forestry can have devastating consequences. From increased soil erosion to disrupted water cycles and higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions the result of deforestation and forest degradation is serious. And with deforestation accounting for 15% of global greenhouse emissions, it is important that companies ensure they are using wood sourced from responsible forests, offering a sustainable approach to the use of timber.

Thanks to responsible forestry, we are able to ensure that all the wood used for our floors is derived from forests committing to sustainable practices. FSC outline 10 key principles for responsible forest management, including making sure organisations comply with applicable laws and maintaining the social and economic wellbeing of local communities and workers.

It is important that we continue to work exclusively with companies that adhere to responsible forestry to ensure the continued protection of vulnerable forests. With the increased interest in the commercial use of wood, now more than ever it is vital we are able to meet society’s needs in a sustainable way.

To learn more about why we need sustainably managed forests, watch PEFC’s ‘Use them or lose them’ video below…



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