35 Year Guarantee

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V4 Wood Flooring Ltd provides a guarantee to expert suppliers and fitters that wood flooring and hardwood flooring products, supplied fitted and maintained correctly and in accordance with our fitting and maintenance guides and directives (including our guidelines on fitting wooden floors above underfloor heating systems) should give 35 years of ordinary domestic use.

The same conditions apply to the 12 Year Guarantee for our Natureffect Laminate Plank collections.

What does that mean?

If you look on our website you will see that we list the varieties of flooring which we supply click here for full information on the V4 Collection.

Each type of flooring is described in detail including how it is constructed and finished. For each general group of products there are several varieties of product. They have differing prices and performance characteristics appropriate to site conditions.

You will also see that we give detailed installation guidelines for each product which can be found in the information section of the website. We give our Domestic Use Guarantee only to the expert supplier and fitters who buy the products from us and supply them to the ultimate customer or householder. We do this because there are very specific rules as to how wooden floors are to be fitted, and they must be followed if the product is to have a long life. Our guarantee is only effective if these guidelines are followed and maintained, not only by the expert supplier/ fitter but also, where appropriate, by the householder or ultimate customer. In this context maintenance, moisture and temperature guidelines are very important.

Our installation and maintenance guidelines are therefore an important and constituent part of our 35 year domestic use guarantee. Any expert supplier / fitter who purchases flooring from us will have had their attention drawn to these guidelines and they will be deemed to have read and understood them, as well as having warranted to us that they are capable of understanding and carrying out the requirements of installation and maintenance.

What is not included in the Domestic Guarantee?

  1. Problems with the floor which occur because our installation and maintenance guidelines, have not, in our opinion, been followed.
  2. Flooring which has been installed despite being obviously defective before installation. Any expert supplier / fitter who buys our products is obliged to check that flooring is suitable before installing. Wood is a natural product and whilst we will replace flooring which is delivered to our customer in a defective state, we do not guarantee a colour match of replacement materials.
  3. Visual problems which have occurred due to normal wear and tear, denting through concussive use whether through footwear or other foreign or heavy objects.
  4. Flooring which is in use in a commercial installation rather than in someoneā€™s home.
    (Click here for information about our commercial warranty)
  5. Problems which occur through abnormal moisture or heat levels, staining or through flooding.
  6. Problems which occur because of repairs carried out other than under our guarantee and authorised by us.
  7. Consequential costs and losses including other costs associated with re-installation and finishing. We are not obliged to pay more than the cost of the original materials supplied and fitted in total.
  8. The normal consequences of age such as fading due to sunlight.
  9. Claims on the guarantee which are made by ultimate customers or householders themselves. Our guarantee is given to the supplier/installer only. The ultimate customer or householder has a contract with the supplier / installer themselves. Our guarantee does not apply directly to third parties and (except in the case of safety legislation) we exclude the operation of any statute which automatically transfers or adds contractual liability on this guarantee to third parties.
  10. . Claims on the Guarantee which we do not consider to be correct. If a floor has failed in circumstances where it has been installed and maintained properly and kept within temperature and moisture limits stipulated then we are generally happy to replace areas of failure. This happens in less than one third of one per cent of installations and only where there is actually something wrong with the product as manufactured, which is why we are happy to give a lengthy guarantee. We will not replace flooring where in our opinion the problem is not due to manufacture, but to other circumstances which we have given fair warning of though our website conditions and which can be avoided by proper installation and use. All customers have their statutory rights which are not affected by this guarantee. Beyond those rights we are the ultimate judges of when we will and will not replace products and we retain an absolute discretion in that regard.

Please note: This guarantee:-

A. talks about 3 parties, V4 Wood Flooring, the expert supplier / installer who we sell our flooring to, and the ultimate customer / householder. Our guarantee is given only to the expert supplier / installer, not the ultimate customer / householder.

B. is subject to documents which appear on our website and which are updated from time to time, in sections which describe the types of product supplied, which give installation and maintenance requirements as well as temperature and moisture requirements and which describe acceptable under oor heating practices.

C. is entirely at our discretion.

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