Dark Wood Flooring

Using the best quality oils and generationally upheld smoke curing techniques, we have accentuated the natural tannins in the timber to bring out the richest and most striking tones. From deep and earthy browns with a signature antique flare to red and gold hues which contrast beautifully with bold designs.


Our Dark Products

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

We start with several layers of plywood, made from various softwoods – such as birch, pine, spruce, and poplar – to create a sturdy base onto which we secure our top layer of hardwood. In the case of our Dark collection, we rely on the finest cuts of European oak and American walnut, with their unique shaded tones.

From here, depending on the style we are looking to achieve, we will apply a combination of tongue and groove or locking system fittings, UV lacquer and oil finishes, and micro-bevelling to achieve a truly stand-out look for each board.

Reasons to Choose Our Dark Collection

It Is Better for the Environment

The oak and walnut hardwood we use throughout our Dark collection is sourced from managed forests across Europe and America. These cultivated landscapes are changing the way we approach timber supply across the woodworking industry.

Managed forests doctor each sapling for any signs of ill growth as well as caring for the surrounding ecosystems which are so vital to the forest’s health as well as the health of our planet. This care and attention results in the best quality hardwood growth, which means less waste and a supply that meets demand without dangerous environmental impact.

Engineered wooden planks are also considered the most sustainable real wood flooring option as, when compared to solid wood floors, they require almost 90% less timber for each plank. The yield per tree is incredibly high for engineered wood floors, and means we require far fewer trees to do what we do.

You Can Lay It Anywhere

The multi-ply composition of engineered wood flooring not only creates a comfortable and safe surface to stand on, but also increases flexibility. This is important because real wood is naturally hygroscopic, meaning it will absorb moisture in the air, expanding and contracting with spikes in temperature and humidity.

This kind of fluctuation can warp and crack solid wood flooring, but engineered wood floors are made with adaptability and resilience in mind, so stand up well against environmental pressure. So, for example, if you have a modern underfloor heating system installed, engineered wood flooring can be laid over the top easily, and with great effectiveness in terms of the equal distribution of heat.

It Will Last a Lifetime

Engineered wood flooring requires very little maintenance to stay looking fresh, especially in comparison to solid wood flooring. The robust surface will stand the test of time and prime itself with age, as is the magic of hardwood.

After years of use, when your floors begin to show signs of wear, you can turn back the clock to day one by sanding and refinishing the planks.

The Types of Dark Engineered Wood Flooring We Sell


The staple of hardwood flooring, our planks are precision milled and feature gorgeous natural grain and undertones, as well as striking spectrums of colour. From the honeyed shades of Smoked Oak to the reddish tones of Black Walnut. Our planks are simple but elegant, and perfectly suited to just about any home or interior style.


Certainly a more stylistic choice for your hardwood flooring, parquet is the umbrella term for geometric arrangements of short-cut ‘batons’ of wood to create striking and unique effects, reminiscent of French aristocratic design.


Arranged in tight V-shapes, with clean lines dividing each section, chevron flooring is a sophisticated take on angular flooring. Ideal for contemporary properties, as well as more modern interiors, and in a range of dark hues such as the evening warmth of Thermo Oak to the impenetrable depths of Smoked Oak.


Very similar to chevron flooring, with its V-shaped layout, but herringbone’s signature is less uniform and more integrated. With interlocked angles that create an almost mosaic of multi-tonal wood. This style looks stunning in both classic and contemporary builds, and is available in a variety of shades, such as the melted milk chocolate grain of Tannery Brown, all the way down to the heavy chill of Foundry Steel.

Our 35-Year Guarantee

For all domestic customers, we offer a whopping 35-year guarantee on our entire range of engineered wood flooring. We also have a generous commercial warranty available to all businesses seeking real wood flooring they can trust.

Our FSC-Certification

We are extremely proud of our certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC©). This mark recognises our commitment to lessening our environmental impact by partnering with world-renowned managed forests, as well as our eco-conscious business practices.

Where can I buy V4 engineered wood flooring?

We supply a vast number of retailers across the UK, so there is no ground that our flooring cannot cover. Search our full breakdown of retailers here to find your nearest store.

What can I do to prepare for my flooring installation?

Patience is key. Once your new planks arrive, keeping them in their original packaging, you will need to leave them to acclimatise in the space for a minimum of 24 hours. This will allow for the naturally porous wood to adjust to the average temperature and humidity levels in your home.

If you skip this grace period, the wood will acclimatise after installation, which will cause warping and damage.

You should also aim to finish up all other building works before installing your new engineered wood floor, as the planks will not be able to bear weight for a day or so.

Can I lay V4 wood flooring myself?

We advise seeking the support of a trained professional to help you with installing your new engineered wood flooring. This will guarantee a safe and effective process is undertaken, and save you time and hassle. Contact your V4 retailer for information on their process.

How can I look after engineered wood flooring?

Engineered wood floors are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. As long as you sweep and vacuum often, and are generally careful around high-traffic areas, your floors will keep their fresh shine for years to come.

If you want to take things one step further, you can also:

  • Avoid wearing heavy footwear indoors
  • Stick foam pads to furniture contact points
  • Mop liquid spills quickly and do not leave to stand
  • Choose cleaning products designed for engineered wood
  • Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning equipment

Note: To protect the integrity of your wood finish and the underlying surface, you should never use steam cleaners on engineered wood floors.


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