Oiled Wood Floor Care

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Oiled Wood Floor Care Introduction

Oiled wood floors look amazing and arguably give the most natural underfoot experience. Natural oil is buffed int o the wood grain and saturates the open pores to form a water-resistant surface that will stand up to everyday spills and guard against stains. The oiled wood surface provides the perfect backdrop for busy family homes and is perfect for commercial and high traffic areas like kitchens as it can be maintained by adding more oil periodically to keep the wood looking like new!

The majority of our wood floors are sealed with UV Cured Oil which means we are able to add an extra coat to the saturated surface which is hardened under a UV light. This adds an extra layer of protection which can be easily cleaned and maintained. There are also Natural and Hardwax Oiled Floors in our bespoke collections and below we explain the subtle differences which have some effect on the way they are maintained.

Care Advice

  • Regular sweeping and vacuum cleaning to prevent accumulation of grit and abrasive dust which can scratch and dull the surface.
  • Installing barrier mats such as coir matting inside and outside all external doorways will help to greatly reduce the amount of outside dirt and debris.
  • Take off heavy outdoor shoes and remove any wet or dirty footwear.
  • Protect all furniture with felt pads to avoid any scratching with movement.
  • Wipe up any spilt liquids and avoid any standing water or liquid as wood will absorb liquid and expand which could affect the stability of the floor. Any stains should be removed while wet with a clean damp cloth.
  • Avoid use of any household cleaners. These can be abrasive and damage or dull the surface and can leave a dangerous slippery film.
  • Avoid overuse of wet cleaning methods.
  • Always vacuum before washing your floor to avoid staining from dirt.
  • Avoid abrasive microfibre mops and cloths which can damage the surface.
  • Avoid steam cleaners as they can force moisture into the floor.

Cleaning Schedule

Daily Cleaning

  • Sweep and clear dust and debris with a soft bristle brush.
  • Vacuum with a parquet/ hard floor setting to avoid scratching.
  • Wipe up liquid spills as they occur when possible.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Damp clean with a suitable spray cleaner. A pH neutral / balanced cleaning solution.
  • Use a spray mop with a pH balanced soap solution to avoid soaking your floor. Mechanical, Robot cleaners are fine if they can accommodate wood floors.
  • Do not use steam cleaners which will damage wood flooring.
  • Avoid supermarket floor cleaning brands as they tend to be aimed at Laminate wood floors and can weaken oiled surfaces.
  • To avoid staining the floor always make sure the floor is vacuumed before damp cleaning.
  • Do not over clean your oiled wood flooring, routine wet cleaning should be no more than once a week.
  • When using a mop make sure it is well wrung.
  • There should be no standing water or cleaning solution left on the floor.

Deep Cleaning

If your floor requires a heavy clean then use a pH balanced floor soap mixed with a bucket of luke warm water and working with the grain where possible, apply with a well wrung mop or cloth. Use a second bucket for rinse water and change regularly to staining the floor with dirt. Avoid saturating the floor. Leave to dry before general use.

Recommended Cleaning Products

Rubio Monocoat All Wood Cleaner

Oil Maintenance

It is recommended that areas of high use should be maintained with oil periodically. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the usage of the floor. For example, a busy kitchen-diner in a family home or a room with heavy foot traffic and external doorways may need more regular attention perhaps once a year.

Where-as areas with less daily use, more internal rooms without regular external foot traffic such as living rooms and bedrooms may only occasionally need maintaining with oil.

Initial Maintenance (Optional)

An initial application of maintenance oil is recommended after installation for busy kitchens and communal areas subject to high traffic and more frequent damp cleaning.

Regular Maintenance

Application of maintenance oil is recommended every 6-12 months for busy kitchens and communal areas subject to high traffic and more frequent damp cleaning. Frequency for required oil maintenance will depend on use and how the floor is cleaned.

Maintenance Oil Application With Rubio Monocoat (RMC) Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix

  1. Vacuum the floor thoroughly.
  2. Remove stains where possible with Rubio Monocoat Tannin, Limespot and Grease Removers.
  3. Wash the floor with RMC Natural Wood Cleaner or Universal Soap and allow the floor to dry completely. If the floor is still dirty once dry wash again and allow to dry.
  4. Select the RMC Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix colour that complements the colour oil of your floor. Add the colour oil to the maintenance oil and shake well to mix.
  5. Pour a very small amount directly onto the floor. Remember 0.5 litres can cover up to 100m2.
  6. Always Test a small area first as maintenance oil will enhance the colour of the surface. Pure oil has a golden hue which can discolour light coloured floors. Use our colour chart below or contact our team for advice on which colour to use.
  7. Work methodically from one side of a room to an exit working in small reachable areas of 2 – 4 m2.
  8. Using an applicator attach an RMC red buffing pad and spread the oil working it into the wood grain.
  9. Then attach an RMC white buffing pad to work it into the surface removing the excess.
  10. Use an RMC Green pad or lint free cloth to wipe off any excess oil before proceeding to the next area and within 15 minutes.
  11. Reuse the pads until they become too saturated to remove excess oil, then replace for new pads.
  12. The finished floor will have a sheen that will leave a similar sheen on your finger when touched. The surface should not be wet with oil.
  13. The floor should be dry enough for light use after 6 – 8 hours.
  14. Ensure the room is well-ventilated.
  15. Spills should be wiped up with a damp cloth and washing should be avoided over the next 48 hours.
  16. Thereafter the floor may be cleaned with a damp cloth or mop pad and will be fully cured within 7 days where upon full cleaning can be carried out with appropriate pH neutral cleaner as required.

Important Note:
Any cloths, rags or paper used in oil application should put in water for 12 hours before disposal or reuse to avoid spontaneous combustion while the oil cures. Please check packaging for details.

Rubio Monocoat Colour Matching Maintenance

The new formula allows any colour of Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C to be mixed in. That means it can now complement and enhance the custom colour you’ve finished your floor in. No harmful chemicals, easy to apply and ecological, making it the perfect partner for your flooring.

Rubio 2 Mix Universal Maintenance Oil


Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix
Use our handy look-up chart to find the RMC Maintenance Oil colour that will complement and enhance the colour of your chosen V4 Wood Flooring. If your chosen V4 oiled wood floor is not included here please contact the team with the name and code of the product you want to match.V4 Rubio 2mix Colour Picker

Watch how easy it is to apply Rubio Monocoat Universal Maintenance Oil 2 Mix

Stain Removal

If your oiled surface is in need of maintenance it can become suceptable to staining from spills, but certain spills can be treated and often removed.

Grease Marks

Hot oil or greasy food spills can sometimes penetrate an oiled surface and leave a mark which can often be removed with the application of Rubio Grease remover.

Light Water Marks or Limespots

Water can sometimes leave white marks on your floor left by the minerals, these are referred to as limespots and can be treated with Rubio Limespot Remover.

Dark Water or Tannin Stains

Water can react acid and the natural tannins found in wood, in particular oak to cause dark sometime black stains. These spots tend to occur after coming into contact with moisture and metal. Tannin marks can be remove with the application of Rubio Tannin Remover.


Oiled Wood Floor Care

Recommended products

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