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The Baroque period of the 17th and 18th centuries was well known for its extravagant and ornate style. Many aristocratic homes installed elegant decorative pattern panel flooring, laying down each element piece-by-piece to make a glorious fashion statement.


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About Our Baroque Design Versailles Panels

Sustainable and chic flooring for your home

V4 Wood Flooring’s Baroque Design Panels take the intricate design of the original baroque flooring, but in panel form, making it simple and quick to install. This means this stunning flooring can be used in any interior space you choose and can even be laid over underfloor heating.

Our Baroque Design Panels are the sustainable option. All our panels are made of engineered wood – a solid layer of oak or walnut backed onto a base of fast-growing timber like birch or pine. This means you don’t have to compromise between being environmentally friendly and having opulent flooring in your home.

This collection is available in eight stunning designs, each one named after the grand palace or stately home it was inspired by. Whether you choose the rich tones of Saverne, the cool grain effect of Belvedere, or the striking contrast of Versailles, you’ll find a design that perfectly complements your décor.

High-quality floor panels, made to order

Our Baroque Design Panels are part of our bespoke range of flooring and are made to order to your exact specification. This means your final floor will be perfectly customised to your needs, and nobody else will have exactly the same panels.

All our Baroque Design Panels come with a 35-year guarantee, so you have peace of mind your floor will continue to look beautiful for generations to come.

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