Engineered Plank Flooring

We have been providing precision-made engineered wood flooring to suppliers across the UK for generations. Using only the highest quality European oak and American Walnut, we guarantee an attractive and durable finish every time. Our range spans a huge variety, from the intricate geometry of parquet flooring to the unbeatable timelessness of wood planks. We offer engineered wood flooring for both residential and commercial.

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Our Plank Products

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Our engineered wood planks are virtually identical to hardwood flooring, only much stronger and more cost-effective. We ‘engineer’ our wood planks using layers of plywood (made from pine, birch, spruce, and poplar) which are fitted to your wood of choice. This layered composition is incredibly flexible and bolsters the lamella, allowing installation in a much wider variety of settings than hardwood.

The Advantages of Engineered Wood Plank Flooring

Complete Sustainability

Unlike traditional hardwood floors, our engineered wood plank flooring is much more environmentally friendly – and this is thanks to how it is made.

Hardwood planks must be at least 14 mm thick, and can sometimes be cut to 22 mm. However, engineered wood planks make up their heft with thinly layered plywood. This way, the hardwood lamella only will only need to be 2 or 6 mm thick.

This means that for every tree we harvest, 60% more timber is yielded.

On top of this, our oak and walnut timber is sourced from managed woodlands. Each tree is monitored for its quality of growth and overall health, allowing for less material wastage when the time comes for felling, and the halt of viral transmission between root systems.

Fast-acting saplings are also planted for every tree taken, which helps the cycle to replenish in line with supply demand.

Aesthetic Versatility

With the robustness of its multi-ply base, engineered wood plank flooring can be made from almost any species of hardwood – and, in turn, can be laid in most locations around your home, providing level support across all underfloor constructs.

We choose to make all our engineered wood planks from European oak and American walnut. Over the years, we have found them to be the most heavy-duty and adaptable.

Versatility also comes from our precision-cut lock systems and tongue & groove fittings, which allow for simple installation and wood flooring that stays together without warping or creaking, unlike hardwood alternatives.

High Performance in All Conditions

Engineered wood planks are extremely flexible, meaning they can be fitted in areas of your home where levels of moisture and temperature fluctuate. This means you can also install our wood flooring over underfloor heating systems, which hardwood floors cannot be. Our engineered wood planks are the ideal thickness for even heat transfer across your home.

Extra Durability

We finish off our robust engineered wood planks with high-quality and low-VOC lacquer and oil, which brings out the natural beauty of the grain patterning and protects it from wear and tear.

View our in-depth maintenance guides here.

How do I maintain my engineered wood plank flooring?

Seamless crafting and high-grade finishes will only take your flooring so far. In order to ensure your engineered wood plank floors remain as good as new, you should:

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly to stop debris from embedding
  • Avoid treading dirty or heavy-duty outdoor footwear inside
  • Stick soft pads to the feet of your furniture to minimise dents and scraping
  • Clean spillages immediately and avoid letting water stand for long periods
  • Choose specially designed floor cleaners for engineered wood flooring
  • Use non-abrasive mops and cloths to avoid wear and tear

Note: Do not use steam cleaners.

Engineered wood floor and laminate: which is right for me?

The answer depends on your domestic needs.

Laminate flooring is made from high-density fiberboard and printed with a real wood effect. They are aesthetically convincing and extremely durable, making them perfect for high-traffic areas or big families with pets.

Engineered wood floors are made using real wood and stand as a high-strength and cost-effective alternative to hardwood flooring.

How should I prepare for my engineered wood plank floor installation?

Ideally finish up all building work before arrival, as the flooring will not be able to settle for at least a day after installation, which may clash with construction schedules.

Once your engineered wood plank flooring arrives, you must properly acclimatise it to the space, leaving it, fully packaged, for between 48 and 72 hours. This will minimise the risk of post-installation damage as a result of premature warping.

Can I install engineered wood plank flooring myself?

Unless you are a trained professional yourself, we recommend for your safety and the quality of work, you rely on experienced floor layers to install your engineered wood plank flooring.

Your approved V4 retailer will offer their own support in this area, so we suggest contacting them to organise a professional installation. If you haven’t already, find a stockist near you.


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