Natureffect Flooring

Introducing NatureffectÂź, a collection of floors that bring the warmth and beauty of real wood into your home. European-made laminate wood and mineral core LVT flooring, imprinted with high resolution wood images and natural textured grain that is warm and tactile underfoot, this durable and unique surface gives every sensation of a real timber floor.

a pink cushion on a light coloured laminate floor

What is Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made to look and feel like real wood floors. We use an HDF or high density fibre board made by compressing pulped soft wood sustainably sourced from well managed pine forests. The compressed board is then milled with a precision 5G locking system that allows boards to click effortlessly together to form a strong bond for simple installation over well prepared sub floors. The laminate surface is first layered with an ultra-high definition image scan taken from a real wood floor. Each individual flooring board has a randomised selection of the image so that when they are installed together the effect is of a real wood floor with all its natural features. Finally a tough coat transparent melamine is applied which is extremely durable, easy to clean and has antibacterial properties. This top surface is embossed with a natural texture which completes its realistic real wood aesthetic.

What are the advantages of Laminate Floors?

Simply installation!

Laminate wood floors are available in plank format and come with a glue-less locking joint system which means board just lock together to form a seamless floor which can be laid on underlay across any interior space. The key to a good installation is a well prepared subfloor which must be flat and fully structurally supported, once this is achieved, laminate wood floors are fast and easy to install.

Beautiful and durable flooring!

Perfect for busy family homes. Laminate floors is a great choice for busy high traffic areas, so perfect for a hallway of family kitchen where wet shoes and spills are part of everyday life. The Laminate surfaces are textured so provide grip for pets with well trimmed claws and fairly scratch resistant so will stand up well to child’s bedroom or playroom.

Everyday cleaning made easy!

Laminate floors can be cleaned regularly with normal household flooring cleaners using just a well wrung mop. The wax sealed joints between boards offer great protection to liquid spills which can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. Laminate floors require no special maintenance or care, just keep them swept of vacuumed and clean with a damp mop or spray cleaner, perfect for busy family lifestyles, or hectic commercial spaces.


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