Introducing V4Magnetic

With this magnetic bonding system, our wood floors can be fixed in place without adhesive V4Magnetic is a revolutionary new way to install wood floors without adhesive. On enquiry we will produce any of our floors with V4Magnetic backing so they can be magnetically bonded to raised access floors or used with Ezy-Lay underlay. The result is a fully stable floor with all the benefits of a fully bonded floor, without having to use chemical adhesive.

  • V4Magnetic wood Flooring is installed using existing lock or tongue and groove method.
  • V4Magnetic is perfect for metal raised access floors and can be removed and reapplied without any damage.
  • Using V4Magnetic cuts down on installation costs with the fastest way to install a bonded floor and without adhesives.
  • Now with V4Magnetic herringbone engineered wood blocks can be laid without adhesive, directly to metal raised access floors

Install with out adhesive with our magnetically receptive underlay

Ezy-Install Underlay’s Dual Grip technology combines dry-tack and magnetism to provide unrivalled hold to a diverse range of floor coverings – including timber floors – under even the heaviest traffic. Made from recycled rubber tyres, it forms a comfortable, compression-resistant base with excellent acoustic properties for impact sound reduction.

The floor covering can be uplifted cleanly for easy reuse or recycling, whilst the Ezy-Install Underlay is left contaminated-free and can be reused multiple times. Install and switch flooring effortlessly for speedy design changes, access and repairs

Raised access flooring

Using V4Magnetic means our wood floors can be magnetically bonded directly to a raised access floor panel system without adhesive or any additional sub floor layers. A permanent wood flooring installation that is also easy to remove. Uplift flooring cleanly and easily with no damage. Wooden floors can be installed without being permanently attached and will not destroy the raised access flooring if removed. Magnetised Wood Flooring means you can reuse or recycle floor coverings, eliminating landfill waste and the magnetic bonding allows you to eliminate VOCs associated with adhesive based installation methods. Contribute towards sustainability assessment certifications such as BREEAM, SKA ratings and LEED.

Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating

Now wood flooring can be installed efficiently without adhesive over low-energy electric underfloor heating with Ezy-Warm, the incredibly simple and efficient underfloor heating system with one of the thinnest profiles available, that makes installation a breeze. The system works perfectly with V4Magnetic when combined with Ezy-Install underlay. The Ezy-Warm heated mat is connected to a power source using low-profile wires. At just 24 volts the installation can be carried out by a competent DIYer or tradesperson.

V4Magnetic® Powered By IOBAC

If you would like to find out more about our V4Magnetic system or would like information on Ezy-Warm underfloor heating contact our commercial team.

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