Grey wood flooring has gained popularity in recent years, due to its sophisticated look and ease of care. Grey is a gentle interior touch that will not overpower existing colour palettes, allowing your room to breathe visually. Our varied range includes a whole spectrum of grey engineered wood, from misty greys to light browns with grey undertones. As well as a selection of cuts, including plank and parquet variations. You are sure to find the right floors for you and your space when you shop with V4. With the full coverage of our 35-year domestic guarantee and tailored commercial warranty, you can trust that your new grey wood floors have been precision made to last, no matter what. Explore our other colour collections and order a free sample today.


Our Grey Products

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

All of our grey wood floors are made from engineered wood. This means they have been specifically ‘engineered’ to be stronger and more flexible than standard hardwood flooring. Our grey engineered wood flooring is made by tightly layering high-quality plywood, made from a mix of spruce, poplar, birch, and pine. We then precision cut your chosen timber of choice, be that our European oak or American walnut, into a ‘lamella’, which is then fitted on top of the multi-ply base. This composition is incredibly durable and creates an even layer when the blocks are fitted together. We also micro-bevel every groove on four sides to give the surface joins a smooth finish, completing the final look and ensuring a flooring solution that lasts.

The Advantages of Grey Engineered Wood Flooring

All-Round Sustainability

Every inch of our oak and walnut timber has been sourced from managed woodlands across Europe and America. These carefully tended timber forests are grown to harvest, with saplings doctored for signs of disease and ill-growth and surrounding biodiversity preserved.

This method of growth is not only healthier for the planet than standard methods, but it also ensures perfect, straight cuts of timber every time, reducing unnecessary material wastage.

Engineered wood floors are naturally eco-friendly in their composition. A standard layer of timber will only need to be cut to about 2 and 6 mm thick, as opposed to the thick 22 mm minimum of traditional hardwood planks. This means that engineered wood flooring has a 60% greater yield per tree harvested.

Stylistic Versatility

Grey is an incredibly versatile colour when it comes to interior design. It goes with just about any style, from clean and sophisticated interiors to rustic or industrial touches, grey wood floors are sure to fit in seamlessly.

Thanks to its highly flexible layered composition and tight locking systems and tongue & groove fittings, our grey engineered wood floors can be laid almost anywhere in your home. Even over modern underfloor heating systems, be they electric or hydronic, without the risk of warping.

Whether you want to replace the floors in high-traffic areas such as hallways, or spaces that see fluctuations in humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms, our range of flooring is resilient and reliable no matter where you place it.

Impressive Durability

Our grey engineered wood flooring is finished in low-VOC oils and lacquers which bolster its resistance to moisture and mess, whilst offering added protection against everyday wear-and-tear and discolouration over time, especially important if you are installing floors in areas with high foot traffic.

Our Types of Grey Engineered Oak Flooring

Wood Planks

When it comes to wood flooring, straight planks are a classic and unbeatable look. Our grey engineered wood flooring will suit any space, from heritage to contemporary, and comes in a wide range of shades from brushed driftwood to dark grey.


Our grey parquet flooring is inspired by 17th-century French designs, made up of cut ‘battens’ that have been arranged in geometric shapes and zig-zags to achieve an intricate and unique look, guaranteed to enrich any interior.


This signature aristocratic design resembles a zig-zag pattern of clean-cut V-shaped battens. This style works well in both classic and modern interiors, and adds a touch of elegance to the overall look of the space.


Herringbone is similar to our chevron look with its V-shaped zig-zags, but the battens will be interlocked in their arrangement, achieving a blended look that is very attractive. For those looking to do something different with their grey wood floors, herringbone is the way to go.

How do I maintain my grey engineered wood flooring?

The best way to ensure your grey wood flooring lasts is to:

  • Sweep and hoover to stop debris from embedding
  • Avoid walking dirty or heavy outdoor footwear indoors
  • Fit soft foam pads to the feet of furniture to reduce scratches and indents
  • Mop up spillages immediately to avoid absorption
  • Only use cleaners designed for engineered wood flooring
  • Opt for non-abrasive cloths and brushes to avoid damage and wear

Note: Do not use steam cleaners.

How can I prepare for my grey wood floor installation?

Try to complete any remaining building works before the arrival of your new grey wood floors, as once they have been installed you will need to refrain from walking on them.

Once the engineered wood planks have arrived, leave them in their packaging in the room (or as close to) where they will be installed allowing them time to properly acclimatise to the standing temperature and humidity levels of your home. This step is vital to prevent damage after installation.

We recommend leaving the planks for a minimum of 48 hours, but ideally 72 hours.


Can I install grey wood floors myself?

Unless you are an experienced craftsperson, we recommend relying on the help of a professional installation team to lay your new grey wood floors. This will ensure all is done properly and safely, and minimise the risk of any fitting-related issues.

Your approved V4 retailer will be able to guide you through this process, and are likely to have their own team who will handle the installation process for you.

Do you still need to find a V4 retailer near you? Check out our stockist archive.


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