Natureffect Mineral Core SPC

Indulge in European-made luxury vinyl flooring, featuring a rigid calcium composite core with an integrated underlay and click system. Enjoy a real wood aesthetic, that is waterproof, durable and effortlessly beautiful.


Our Natureffect Mineral Core SPC Products

Introducing Natureffect Mineral Core SPC

With the Natureffect Mineral Core brand, our SPC Flooring infuses a sophisticated charm into contemporary living areas, boasting the rich warmth and organic allure of natural wood tones. Its premium quality and ultra-matte finish strike an impeccable equilibrium between resilience and visual allure.


The design, faithfully replicating the intricate textures of natural wood, imparts a cozy ambiance to any room, while the ultra-matte surface eliminates glare and simplifies upkeep, bolstering its resistance against blemishes and abrasions. Natureffect Mineral Core SPC elevates spaces with its effortless installation and enduring performance, ensuring enduring elegance and reliability. Furthermore, it champions environmental responsibility, conserving resources and employing materials that prioritize well-being.


Revitalize your surroundings with Natureffect Mineral Core SPC, an impeccable choice for residential and commercial settings alike, seamlessly harmonizing the splendor of nature with contemporary design convenience. For those seeking excellence in quality, aesthetics, and longevity, Natureffect Mineral Core SPC stands as the quintessential solution.

Easy Installation with the Uniclic System

Discover the revolutionary UniClik, an innovative locking system tailored specifically for Natureffect Mineral Core SPC flooring. Designed for effortless installation, UniClik eliminates the need for extra tools or professional intervention, streamlining the assembly process to perfection. With its user-friendly mechanism, laying down your Natureffect Mineral Core SPC becomes a swift and hassle-free task, saving you both time and effort.


The integrated underlay further enhances the convenience, providing an all-in-one solution that ensures optimal performance and comfort underfoot. UniClik offers a seamless and secure connection between planks, guaranteeing a flawless finish every time. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional installation methods – with UniClik, achieving professional-quality results is now within your grasp. Experience the ease and efficiency of Natureffect Mineral Core SPC installation like never before, and transform your space with confidence and finesse.

The perfect solution for a busy home

Natureffect Mineral Core SPC flooring stands as the ultimate choice for high-moisture environments like bathrooms and bustling kitchens. With its Mineral composite core boasting 100% water resistance, worries about spills or moisture damage become a thing of the past. This core technology ensures that Natureffect Mineral Core SPC remains impervious to water, safeguarding your floors against potential deterioration.


Furthermore, the surface of Natureffect Mineral Core SPC is engineered for full commercial use, guaranteeing exceptional durability even in the most demanding settings. Its robust construction can withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and daily wear and tear with ease, ensuring longevity without compromising on aesthetics.


Whether you’re dealing with splashes from the sink or high traffic from family gatherings, Natureffect Mineral Core SPC flooring provides the perfect blend of resilience and style, making it the ideal solution for creating functional and beautiful spaces in your home.


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