Deco Parquet Herringbone

Deco Parquet Herringbone brings together our finest surfaces from the wild grained American black walnut to the deep lustres created by fumed, stained, brushed or distressed European rustic oaks. Finished with coats of durable, grain enhancing natural oil or protective lacquered varnish. Design your floor space the way you want it with our modern twist on traditional parquet flooring. Deco Parquet precision milled engineered blocks have a universal fitting system that creates the perfect herringbone floor as well as many new patterns. The Deco Parquet finishes are available in our matching Deco Plank.


Our Deco Parquet Herringbone Products

What is Herringbone Flooring?

V4 Wood Flooring’s Herringbone collection represents a contemporary take on a classic design, making it one of the most sought-after styles today. Notably akin to chevron flooring, the key distinction lies in the shape of the boards – herringbone features rectangular boards, while chevron involves angled cuts.

The latest iterations of this flooring boast an innovative “click” system, streamlining the installation process. By simply clicking each board into place, you can effortlessly create a floating floor. This method eliminates the need for glues or adhesives, offering a hassle-free installation experience. Moreover, the floating floor can be easily disassembled, allowing for flexibility in redecorating or redesigning your space in the future.

The Benefits of Engineered Herringbone Flooring

Underfloor Heating Compatible

Thanks to its engineered wooden base, our entire range of parquet flooring can be laid safely over most modern underfloor heating systems, such as electrical and hot-water circuits.

It is natural for wooden flooring, engineered or otherwise, to fluctuate in size due to changing temperatures and moisture. This is especially true when installed over underfloor heating systems of any kind. But engineered wood flooring stands above the rest with its resistance to this kind of swelling, due to the robustness of its layered composition.

Versatile Design Choices

Whether your property is a period snapshot or a glimpse into a modern future, our range of parquet engineered wood flooring can slot in seamlessly with your aesthetic. We have combined historical design with the refinement of today, which has resulted in a range of engineered wood flooring that is highly adaptive and ultimately timeless.

Detailed Micro-Bevelling

We take the time to carefully bevel the edges of our parquet blocks, which will prevent future splintering and damage due to sharp edges that catch. With precision 4-point bevelling, we ensure your finished parquet engineered wood flooring looks and feels seamless.


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