Linia Eco

Linia Eco is a new even more sustainable way to engineer hardwood flooring. A precision micro sliced top layer allows much higher yield from the sustainably sourced European Oak, whilst the core is made of high density wood fibres from fast growing spruce. The surface is protected with a flexible lacquer that closes around any potential surface scratching, which makes it durable and easy to live on. The result is a collection of beautiful oak floors in a natural rustic grade which includes only subtle knots and variation for a clean design, with subtle warm tones and hardwearing finishes.

medium finish oak flooring with a white plastic and light wood chair


Our Linia Eco Sustainably Made Engineered Oak Floors Products

Bespoke Engineered Hardwood Floors

A unique selection of finishes, colours and surfaces designed to meet any design brief. Floors produced and finished in Europe and the UK. Made to order to your specification.

Bespoke is a very British word. It can be traced back to 17th century old-English and stems from ‘bisprecan’. The modern-day equivalent would be to ‘call somebody or something out’. Sometime in-between, tailors would appropriate the term to ‘bespoke’ – meaning literally that an item was already ‘spoken for’. Often, the first task with ordering a new suit would be to choose the fabric. Once this was done the customer would often return at a later date to be ‘measured-up’. In the meantime, his material was bespoke (spoken for).

V4 Wood Flooring is proud to announce the launch of our bespoke range. We can custom finish both engineered oak plank and herringbone wood flooring to match our clients design aspirations. We do this by holding good reserves of European sourced, FSC certified material in a number of grades and profiles.


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