Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring

Many times stronger and more water resistant than traditional floorings. Scandinavian-designed hardened wood floors are built to withstand the test of time with a unique blend of revolutionary technologies. The wood for our super-strong and dent-resistant floors is sourced ethically and responsibly from FSC-certified European forests.


Our Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring Products
Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring

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Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring, Our newest collection of robust timber products incorporates cutting-edge innovations pioneered by the leading Swedish wood flooring experts, VĂ€linge Innovation. These advancements result in an exceptionally resilient and enduring flooring solution. The integration of Woodura surface technology, the moisture-resistant VĂ€linge Compositek Core, and the watertight 5G Dry floor locking system guarantees a sturdy and water-resistant floor designed to endure for generations.

This collection of durable wood products comes in various colors, sizes, and surface treatments, catering to the needs of both residential and commercial applications.

Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring

Strong and durable with WooduraÂź

Our Bjelin Hardened Wood Flooring showcases the patented Woodura technology, which involves compressing and hardening wood, resulting in floors that are three times more robust than traditional wood floors. The Woodura solution represents a significant advancement in the technology used for crafting genuine wood floors, paralleling the revolutionary impact of 3-layer parquet in 1944.

This hardening process yields a significantly stronger surface that is resistant to dents and water, eliminating the need for sanding. The utilization of thinner surface layers in production allows us to generate ten times more flooring from the same amount of timber, making the floor not only cost-effective but also environmentally sustainable.

Woodura Hardened Wood Core

The reliable wood core

The moisture-resistant VĂ€linge Compositek wood core plays a crucial role in our Hardened Wood floors, enhancing the overall durability of the flooring experience. Unlike a conventional HDF (High-Density Fiberboard), our core possesses advanced qualities. The process involves fusing the veneer and core using our unique powder mix, creating a transition zone. This zone contributes to a higher surface density and improved resistance to swelling. The outcome is a robust and high-quality wood core, ensuring the longevity of our floors.

Waterproof Wood Flooring

A fast, easy, and durable installation

In the creation of our Hardened Wood Floors 3.0, simplicity and everyday functionality were paramount considerations. To achieve this, we integrated an enhanced version of our user-friendly floor locking system, 5G.

The latest addition, the leakproof 5G Dry installation system, retains the convenience of clicking floor panels together without the need for glue, nails, or sealants. Additionally, the watertight joints act as a safeguard, preventing water from infiltrating through the seams and potentially damaging the sub-floor. This ensures that installations are not only easy but also exceptionally durable.

5G¼ Dryℱ Locking System

Introducing 5G Dry, the forefront innovation in floor locking technology meticulously crafted to prevent water seepage through the seams of floor panels.

The 5G Dry locking system has successfully passed the ISO Topical Moisture test, where the floor and joints endure 24 hours of water exposure followed by 24 hours of drying. This test is a common benchmark for evaluating the performance of flooring installations under conditions of water and spills.

Rest assured, our Hardened Wood Floors 3.0 adhere to all the requirements of ISO 4760, ensuring a high standard of quality and durability.

Simple Installation Wood Flooring

Simple installation

Embracing the convenience and innovation in flooring solutions, installing a water-resistant wooden floor has now reached unparalleled ease.

Thanks to the revolutionary 5G Dry technology, the need for additional sealant or glue is entirely eliminated from the installation process. This state-of-the-art floor locking system ensures a seamless and efficient installation of a high-quality click floor, delivering not only a time-saving advantage but also significant cost savings.

The versatility of the 5G Dry system extends beyond mere installation ease. In the unlikely scenario that you find yourself desiring a change, the floor can be effortlessly uninstalled and relocated to another room, providing a flexible and adaptable flooring solution. This adaptability not only adds value to your investment but also enhances the longevity of your flooring experience, catering to evolving preferences and design choices. With 5G Dry, the installation and adaptability of your water-resistant wooden floor have been elevated to new heights, ensuring both practicality and aesthetic appeal for years to come.


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