For those looking for subtle beauty or pale hues in their wood flooring, our range of light engineered wood planks is an unbeatable choice and the perfect finishing touch for any space. We have something for everyone at V4, with silvery driftwood for modern interiors as well as warm oak tones for a cosy traditional home. We offer a 35-year domestic guarantee and a tailored commercial warranty on our entire range of light wood floors, so you know you are receiving unmatched quality and floors you can trust.


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What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Our entire range of light wood flooring is made from engineered wood, which achieves the same look as hardwood floors, but with heightened durability and tensile strength. We engineer our light wood flooring by backing our oak and walnut timber over layers of precision-cut plywood. We opt for birch, spruce, pine, and poplar plywood as they are among the strongest and most renewable available. Thanks to our engineered base, our light wood floors will lay evenly on almost any subfloor. And with four-sided micro-bevelling, the grooves and joins are smooth underfoot and easier than ever to keep clean.

3 Advantages of Light Engineered Wood Flooring

Environmentally Friendly

We source our oak and walnut timber from managed woodlands in Europe and America. These forested areas are carefully looked after for signs of disease and stunted growth, ensuring the highest quality timber on the market. But most importantly, these managed woodlands are a brilliant sustainable manufacturing solution.

This careful cultivation reduces waste for manufacturers, and the biodiversity of the woodland itself is prioritised, meaning these forested areas are not harmful to the surrounding environment.

The best thing about engineered wood flooring is how little wood it wastes. Traditional hardwood floors require large cuts of timber, up to 22 mm a piece, whereas engineered wood floors only need cuts between 2 and 6 mm thick. The rest of its heft comes from the multi-ply base. This makes engineered wood the most sustainable real wood flooring solution available.

Fully Versatile

Our light wood floors are unobtrusive visually, blending seamlessly with existing decor without taking over the space. From lichen white to jetsam oak, we offer a spectrum of beautifully gentle tones.

With their highly flexible plywood base and secure locking systems and tongue & groove fittings, our light wood floors can be installed in just about any room, and over most modern underfloor heating systems, both hydronic and electric, with no risk of swelling or cracking.

Lasting Durability

All of our light wood floors are finished with low-VOC lacquers and oils which are left to cure, sinking deep into the timber grain to help it resist moisture and wood rot, and to reduce the appearance of wear and tear over long periods of time and in high traffic areas.

Our quality oils and lacquer finishes also limit natural discolouration and keep your floors looking brand new for longer.

What is the best way to maintain my light wood flooring?

Keep your fresh light wood flooring looking its best by:

  • Sweeping and hoovering loose debris to avoid embedding
  • Avoiding the use of dirty outdoor footwear indoors
  • Fitting foam pads to furniture feet to stop scrapes and indentations
  • Mopping spillages quickly to inhibit absorption into the lamella
  • Only using cleaners made for cleaning implements

Note: Never use steam cleaners.

How should I prepare for my light wood floor installation?

If you are putting together a project plan, try to finish all other building works before your flooring arrives, as it will not be able to bear immediate weight once laid.

When your new light wood flooring has arrived, leave the planks in their packaging and let them rest in (or as close to) the room in which they are to be installed. This will give them time to fully acclimatise to the temperature and levels of humidity in your property. This step cannot be skipped, as premature laying can cause warping and subsequent cracks.

Leave your planks to acclimatise for a minimum of 48 hours though, ideally, we recommend 72 hours as a standard.

Can I lay light grey flooring myself?

We recommend only experienced craftspeople attempt to lay engineered wood flooring, to ensure property health and safety standards are met and the job is done correctly. All approved V4 retailers will be able to advise you on their installation methods and answer any questions.

If you still need to find a V4 retailer near you, browse our stockist archive.


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