Natural Oak

Sustainably sourced from managed woodlands in Europe, and hand-picked for its warmth and rich tonal qualities, our range of oak engineered wood flooring will bring a rustic beauty to your home – accentuating character and form with stunning lacquer and oil finishes. All of our oak range is covered by a 35-year domestic guarantee, and for commercial projects, we offer a tailored warranty, so you can purchase with ease and with confidence. Explore our collections and order your free samples today.


Our Natural Oak Products
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What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

If you are looking for an affordable and more durable alternative to hardwood flooring, then engineered wood flooring is for you.

Made by layering birch, pine, spruce, and poplar plywood under a top layer of oak timber. This construction allows for full flexibility against the natural fluctuation of wood when internal temperatures change, as well as easy installation across all areas where hardwood struggles.

The Benefits of Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

Absolute Sustainability

We source all of our oak timber from European-managed forests. This means that for every tree harvested, several saplings are replanted, feeding the cycle of demand. These carefully looked-after landscapes prioritise positive biodiversity and doctor every growth for signs of imperfection or disease. This ensures the highest grade of timber for every tree.

Second to this, engineered wood flooring requires much less material than hardwood planks, which often need up to 22 mm per plank. Whereas engineered wood flooring can be between 2 and 6 mm thick, which is a 60% increase in yield for every tree.

Unhindered Versatility

Thanks to the way our oak flooring is engineered, it can be placed almost anywhere in your home, utilising seamless locking systems and tongue & groove fittings, creating a smooth and level surface every time.

Compatibility With Underfloor Heating

With the added flexibility provided by the multi-ply base, our engineered oak floors can be laid safely over most modern underfloor heating systems without warping or cracking. Our blocks are also cut to the perfect thickness for the spread of heat across your floors.

Long-Term Durability

We use the best quality low-VOC lacquers and oils to apply finishes to our oak engineered wood floors. From UV to hardwax, our finishes enhance the existing grain patterns of the oak itself and help it to resist scratches and discolouration over time and heavy use.


The Types of Engineered Oak Flooring We Offer

Oak Wood Planks

For an unbeatable and classic look, our oak wood planks are always a reliable choice. With neat and tidy arrangements, our oak wood plank flooring will suit most spaces, with warm golden tones that lend themselves to heritage properties, as well as ashen finishes that would work well in both contemporary and modern properties.

Oak Parquet

Stunning French inspirations, dating as far back as 17th-century aristocracy, our range of oak parquet flooring consists of small ‘battens’ of wood, arranged in stylish geometric patterns, from attractive zig-zags to more ornate panels for a truly unique and enriched aesthetic.


Battens are arranged into sharp V-shapes which create precise zig-zags, perfect for modern homes looking to enhance the visual appeal of your wood flooring.


Often confused with chevron, for its similar V-shaped arrangement, the battens are interlocked in a way that creates a gorgeous blended look. Herringbone could work beautifully in contemporary settings, adding a stylish twist to the ever-classic wooden look.


The most unique of the three types of parquet, baroque panels are incredibly ornate, moving away from the tight zig-zags of chevron and herringbone, and instead leaning on cross-hatched battens that create stunning form and dimension. Baroque panels work well when paired with chevron and herringbone, to create truly unique looks.

How do I maintain my oak engineered wood flooring?

To make sure your oak engineered wood floors last, we recommend you:

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly to stop debris from embedding
  • Avoid treading dirty or heavy-duty outdoor footwear inside
  • Stick soft pads to the feet of your furniture to minimise dents and scraping
  • Clean spillages immediately and avoid letting water stand for long periods
  • Choose specially designed floor cleaners for engineered wood flooring
  • Use non-abrasive mops and cloths to avoid wear and tear

Note: Avoid using steam cleaners.

How should I prepare for my oak engineered wood floor installation?

It will be best to finish or specifically schedule all building works prior to the arrival of your flooring, because once the blocks are fitted they cannot bear any weight for at least a day.

When your engineered oak floors arrive, leave the planks in your home (ideally in or near the room they are to be installed) for between 48 and 72 hours. This will allow the wood time to naturally acclimatise to the temperature and humidity in your home.

Can I install oak engineered wood flooring myself?

Only experienced craftspeople should undertake installation on their own. In order to preserve your safety and the overall quality of work, we recommend that you rely on trained professionals to install your new flooring.

Any approved V4 retailer will have its own installation services in place to help you. Find a V4 retailer near you.


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