For the perfect balance between clean sophistication and a rustic aesthetic, white engineered wood flooring is a fantastic choice. Our range of options branches out further than just white, with gorgeous misty driftwood shades and tundra browns with pale undertones. We’ll have something for any space.

Choose your new white engineered wood flooring with confidence, covered by our 35-year guarantee for domestic projects. We also offer a tailored warranty for commercial properties, with our team offering support to each project.


Our White Products

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

The cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring. Engineered wood floors are a way for conscious homeowners to enjoy real wood flooring without environmental drawbacks. We precision-craft our white engineered wood floors using real oak and walnut timber, handpicked from managed woodlands across Europe and America. This top layer is then blacked with carefully layered plywood, which adds additional strength and flexibility.

5 Benefits of White Engineered Wood Flooring

Sustainably Crafted

Our manufacturing process relies on managed woodlands. These vast areas are cultivated for harvest, with each new sapling carefully tended to for signs of imperfection and decay. This process ensures that every adjoining tree remains healthy and grows well.

Those that work on managed timber woodlands also do what they can to support local biodiversity, unlike standard timber forests that grow and regrow without care for the well-being of surrounding wildlife and soil quality.

What makes white engineered wood flooring more environmentally friendly is how it is made. With our multi-ply bases making up most of the heft, only a thin layer of timber is needed for the surface of the flooring, measuring about 2 to 6 mm thick. Standard hardwood floors require 22 mm, which means engineered wood yields 60% more timber per tree.

Real Wood Without the Price Tag

Due to the need for less timber, engineered wood flooring is also noticeably cheaper than traditional hardwood alternatives, while offering an almost indistinguishable look. This means you can save on your project budget without compromising on the overall vision.

True Stylistic Freedom

Due to the way it is made, our white engineered wood flooring can be lain almost anywhere. Their flexible composition and tight locking systems and tongue & groove fittings mean they can fit comfortably over most subfloors and in areas where temperature and humidity fluctuate like a kitchen.

The same cannot be said for hardwood flooring, so choose white engineered wood floors if you do not want to be held back when planning a project.

Underfloor Heating Compatible

This resilient composition also means that our white engineered wood floors can be installed over any modern underfloor heating system, be it hydronic or electric. The layered timber and plywood help the flooring blocks to breathe and ease the natural expansion of the wood, reducing the risk of crafts and warping.

Durability That Lasts

Most of our white engineered wood floors are finished with low-VOC oils and lacquers, to seal the grain against moisture penetration and protect against the appearance of everyday scratches and scuffs. These finishes help to maintain durability for up to 10 years, as well as bringing out the natural textures and tones of the wood itself.

The White Engineered Wood Flooring We Offer


Planks are a classic look that will never let you down. For both contemporary spaces and historic interiors, our white engineered wood planks are an unbeatable choice.


Drawing inspiration from 17th-century French interiors, our range of parquet flooring is perfect for injecting an element of luxury into your property, with intricate patterning and gorgeous natural grain, it is a statement worth making.

Our range of oak parquet flooring consists of small ‘battens’ of wood, arranged in stylish geometric patterns, from attractive zig-zags to more ornate panels for a truly unique and enriched aesthetic.


A classic type of parquet consisting of V-shapes arranged to create clean lines and tight geometry. Chevron works well in contemporary spaces as well as those with a modern twist, achieving a look that is a little different but still classic.


Popular and incredibly stylish, herringbone parquet is similar to chevron in its arrangement, with V-shaped battens arranged methodically, the only difference being their interlocked gradation. Perfect for spaces with an artistic flair or for those seeking to add a personal touch to their rooms.

The best way to maintain white engineered wood floors?

White wood floors need some added care in order to keep their look, as dirt and damage will show much more clearly than on darker wood. You can maintain your new floors by:

  • Sweeping and vacuuming regularly to stop embedding debris
  • Leaving dirty footwear outside to avoid treading in damage
  • Sticking foam tabs to the furniture contact points to stop scraping
  • Cleaning spillages quickly to avoid absorption and resulting decay
  • Opting for branded cleaners made for engineered wood floors
  • Never using abrasive cloths and mops when cleaning

Note: Engineered wood flooring is not steam cleaner safe.

How can I prepare for installation?

Where possible, finish up any remaining building works, as once the new floors have been set they will need to stand for at least a day without bearing weight.

Once the flooring arrives, leave the blocks in their original packaging and let them rest in the space they are to be installed, or at the very least in your home. This will allow the wood to naturally acclimatise to the internal temperatures and humidity levels.

Leave the flooring for a minimum of 48 hours, but ideally 72 hours to ensure that no buckling and damage occurs after the installation.

Are V4 wood floors safe to install yourself?

Unless you are an experienced professional, we recommend letting your approved V4 retailer handle the installation of your new floors. This will guarantee all is done safely and the overall quality is up to standard.

Still need to find a V4 retailer? Select from our stockist archive.


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