Finished by artisans in the heart of England, our Heritage Oak collection consists of stunning engineered wood planks shaded with natural oils to evoke the feeling of English heritage – and what landscape better illustrates that heritage than our woodlands? This is why, in tribute, we have named each design after one of the country’s most iconic and historical woodlands. And from their unique tones to their varied grain textures, each design truly embodies its namesake, conjuring perfectly that feeling of awe and wonderment one experiences when walking through a forest, but at home.


Our Heritage Products

What is Oak Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is a layered composite alternative to hardwood flooring, consisting of a top layer (or ‘lamella’) of the chosen hardwood, which is then backed by several layers of high-quality plywood, which provides additional strength and flexibility to the plank. For our Heritage collection, we start with our usual lamella of European oak, which we precision-cut and brush to accentuate the natural beauty of its grain. Then, our specialist finishing team in Yorkshire, harnessing long-standing generational techniques, will seal the timber’s surface using modern UV technology. This helps achieve a finish that is textured and invitingly tactile, as well as durable and easy to maintain.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Heritage Oak Flooring

Truly Sustainable Timber

Unlike most timber distribution for wood flooring, our European oak is sourced from managed forests. The difference to standard, commercial logging rests in how the woodlands are looked after. Each sapling is tended during every stage of its growth cycle to ensure it is healthy, which will improve yield and reduce wastage, as well as inhibit the spread of infections.

Managed forests also care for the surrounding environment too, maintaining local ecosystems and livelihood in a way that most logging sites do not. We are proud to be partnered with such forward-thinking groups, striving for sustainability across the woodworking industry.

Nowhere Is Off Limits

Our Heritage Engineered Wood Floors, thanks in part to the plywood they are backed with, can be laid pretty much anywhere in your house. This includes where modern underfloor heating systems are already in place, as the blocks themselves are resilient to the natural swelling that occurs in extreme temperatures or humidity.

With our range of engineered wood floors, you never have to second guess your vision. If you want wood floors in a room, we can put them there without hassle.

Unbeatable Robustness

Engineered hardwood floors are made to last, from their individual components to their overall design. With only a small amount of maintenance required, your new wood floors will remain a welcome and attractive addition to your home.

If we delve a little deeper into the craftsmanship of our Heritage range, we will see the tongue and groove fittings that ensure a level and sturdy lay.

35-Year Domestic Guarantee

When we say our real wood floors are made to last, we mean it. We offer a generous guarantee on all our domestic projects, as well as a commercial warranty to help support businesses who are choosing engineered wood flooring for their premises.


We are very proud to say that our Heritage Oak collection, along with the rest of our engineered wood flooring, is FSC© certified. This is thanks to our proven dedication to eco practices, more specifically our partnership with established managed forests in Europe and America, all of which pass the global standards laid out by the Forest Stewardship Council. We specialise in engineered wood flooring over standard hardwood because we care about sustainable forestry and greener craftwork all-round.

Where can I buy V4 wood flooring?

We supply countless retailers across the country. By searching ‘V4 Wood Flooring’ in your web browser, you can find a verified supplier local to you, as well as a whole host of exclusive deals.

How should I prepare for my wood flooring installation?

Before your new Heritage Oak planks arrive, you should finish up all other projects in the space and leave room for the planks to sit in their original packaging for at least a day, completely untouched. This acclimatisation process is vital, and allows the wood to ‘breath’, so to speak, in your home and get used to the internal temperatures and humidity levels.

By skipping this step you run the risk of future warping and damage, post-installation.

Can I install V4 wood flooring myself?

We recommend relying on trained professionals to install your new engineered wood floors. Your approved V4 retailer should be able to advise you on your installation options, so we suggest contacting them and seeing what arrangements are already in place.

What is the best way to maintain my new floors?

Our Heritage Oak engineered wood flooring is easy to install and maintain. The rustic finishes lend themselves to busy homes, as most imperfections sustained over the years will be hardly visible. That said, there are ways you can protect your new floors without too much bother.

As regularly as you can, try to:

  • Sweep and vacuum regularly
  • Keep dirty outside footwear by the door
  • Add soft foam pads to furniture contact points
  • Mop up liquid spills quickly and do not leave to stand
  • Opt for cleaning products designed for engineered wood
  • Avoid using abrasive mops and cloths whiles cleaning

Note: Never use steam cleaners on engineered wood flooring.


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