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Alpine wood floors selected to reflect modern city living in new London apartments

A104 Upland Oak

Locksley architects were tasked by their property developer clients to extend an existing building located in Burrows Mews, Southwark, and create four high specification one-bedroom apartments. With sensitive planning constrictions they explored a number of different configurations to maximise use of the space and deliver contemporary living. Chris Smith from Locksley Architects explained, “We explored several layout options with our client and agreed on the maisonette approach route. It enabled us to not only create a greater sense of space within each home, but also create sought-after roof terraces for two of the properties.” Obtaining planning permission was not without its challenges but the final scheme was approved and the nine-month construction programme commenced. Chris turned his attention to the interior specification. Key was promoting as much natural light as possible, sticking to clean white walls and bright lighting features.

“I wanted to maintain the continuity between the spaces and have the same floor throughout – this would help with natural flow and light. Wood was top of my list and I was keen to find an option that was light but still had an element of warmth and texture to deliver a slight contrast.”

The micro bevelled planks are classically proportioned to suit any interior space. Milled from a rustic grade oak, which is lightly brushed to remove the soft grain from the top layer of the wood, a durable scratch resistant surface is then applied using several coats of oil cured under UV lights.  The result is a natural looking floor that is hard wearing and easy to maintain. The architects consulted with Taylor Contract Flooring who recommended the floors and completed the supply and installation.

“Our client was really happy with the choice of wood floor. It has a modern style that reflects City living and delivered on our brief to introduce an element of darker contrast and texture into the floors whilst still making the space feel light and bright.”

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