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Arundel Wine Bar complete with Tannery Brown Parquet Herringbone, perfectly complementing the contemporary bar design

ZB206 Tannery Brown

Located in the South Downs, this fantastic wine bar recently opened its doors to the public of Arundel. Following the success of their family-run restaurant, Husband and wife Michael and Sacha felt there was a gap in the Arundel restaurant landscape, and so set on their next venture of opening a wine bar. After finding the perfect establishment, the couple set to work on completing a full refurbishment to transform the space into “the most beautiful, stylish bar”. With the refurbishment ready to begin, the couple contacted Chris from Finesse Wooden Floors to begin work on the floor. Having worked on the couple’s home flooring in the past, the husband and wife team knew they could trust the flooring specialists, as Director Chris explains…

“We installed a herringbone floor in their house about 5 years ago, so when they came to me for this project as an existing client, they knew what they would be getting. I install a lot of V4 Floors, which is part of the reason why I suggested this route, having used thousands of meters of V4, it was almost a natural choice just to go with it. Sacha showed me some pictures online of the sort of thing they were looking for, and with the tannery brown having a slightly aged and tumbled look, we showed her the sample and she fell in love with it.”

Tannery Brown, available in both plank and parquet is a floor full of character. The combination of a randomly pitted surface with a tumbled and distressed bevel creates a perfectly aged appearance, whilst the UV-cured oiled surface offers a durable and hardwearing wear layer, ideal for a busy bar area. Having worked with many V4 products before, Chris explained that with such a busy site, it was important for him to use a product he could trust would perform well, and Tannery Brown was just that.

When discussing his favourite part of the overall design, Chris explained, “We always get comments on the floor, but this floor in particular, everyone has said it was amazing. I think it’s all to do with the setting it is in. It’s not only a white box room… here the floor is part of a bigger design.” Jokingly, Chris said his favourite element had to be the flooring, but in second was the brilliant bar area. Drawing upon her passion for interior design, co-owner Sacha took the lead when it came to furnishing the inside. The beautiful black marble bar area acted as a fantastic centrepiece in the room, surrounded by rustic materials including the back shelf boxes which sat on an antique mirror.

The end result was a stylish wine bar, offering both residents and visitors of Arundel the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine and tasty small plates. If you are looking for the perfect floor for your upcoming commercial project, why not click here to order your free samples and start your flooring journey today?
Images by: Felix Bluethner – Iconized Ltd

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