Family Home, Buckingham

close up of oak herringbone flooring with light blue wooden blue chair legs

Deco Parquet Nordic Beach in herringbone pattern completes a fabulous family home renovation in Buckingham

ZB102 Nordic Beach

Matthew and Jenny Harris have lived in the house for seven years and with two growing children decided it was time to complete a renovation to the 25 year old property. Matthew explained, "With two children aged 9 and 7 we were keen to create a more family orientated space and social hub that would become the heart of the home. After several months of planning we decided on plans to open up the back of the house as much as possible, demolishing existing walls to create one large family living space complete with kitchen and dining. The space created by reconfiguring the internal walls has delivered a home which feels a lot bigger without extending. A separate lounge still exists at the front of the house for quiet time, and the installation of four meter wide bi-fold doors to the new family space has flooded the area with an abundance of natural light. I work in flooring so was always going to be quite meticulous about choosing the right product. Modern parquet style flooring has made an impressive come-back over recent years and this was a style we were keen to have throughout the new open plan family space. With an array of product types delivering this finish we narrowed it down to LVT or real wood floors."

"I finally decided on real wood when I saw the Deco Parquet oak engineered blocks. Creating a parquet style floor with the simple tongue and groove application typical of wood floor planks meant a far simpler installation and easier long-term maintenance than the solid wood blocks typical of parquet floors."

Matthew selected Deco Parquet Nordic Beach. Beautiful soft muted tones are created using traditional colouring techniques. The oak top layer is lightly brushed to form a relief of the natural grain, and a coat of wood lye is hand applied to bleach the oak surface to create its unique colour way. “I love that every block has its own unique pattern. It’s understated, but gives a natural tone and texture to the space adding warmth and a soft glow. It has a slight lime grain which also blends with our new kitchen perfectly. I feel like we now have forever floors. They are high quality and hard wearing and we have the option to re-sand them to restore them like new in years to come, something you can’t do with LVT, laminate or carpet. With the building work complete the family has finished off the space with soft neutral and pastel colours and a centrepiece sofa from Loaf. They love how easy the floors are to clean and look after and can’t wait for the final arrival, a cocker spaniel puppy later this year to complete the family home.”

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