Burger & Lobster, Bath

Design LSM select Eiger Petit Golden Oak for the latest Burger & Lobster restaurant in Bath

Design LSM has worked closely with the restaurant chain since 2008, helping to establish their unique brand through signature interior design elements in each of their hugely popular restaurants. The latest Burger & Lobster offering to open its doors is located at the Octagon, a two-storey Grade II listed building in the heart of historic Bath. The 1767 building was originally designed as a church by the architect Timothy Lightholder, whose specific brief was to produce a structure which would be warm, comfortable and well lit. The former Chapel has undergone significant renovation work since 2004, after the local authority, agreed to convert much of the site to retail and restaurant use, whilst ensuring the Grade II listed building maintained its original architectural features.

The unique location and space was a perfect match for Burger & Lobster who instructed Design LSM to once again create an interior design concept that would establish their brand in Bath, working in sympathy with the Grade II listed building to create a popular eating destination for both local residents and the millions of visitors the City attracts each year. Design LSM had specified V4 wood floors in Burger & Lobster’s Cardiff and Manchester restaurants, and remaining impressed with both the aesthetic appeal and high quality of the wood flooring, once again turned to the V4 collection for inspiration for the Bath design.

Eiger Petit Oak Rustic Golden Stained wood floors were selected. With a traditional golden oak finish the wood works in sympathy with maintaining a heritage feel within the Grade II listed building. The Octagonal balcony looks over a central bar mirroring the same octagon theme, and the wood floors have been laid to accentuate this pattern and fit perfectly around the original columns which take the eye to the ornate dome ceiling. With softer grains removed through brushing techniques, the Eiger Petit wood floor surface also becomes extremely durable, essential in a high footfall restaurant environment. This brushed surface is further enhanced and protected by several UV cured coats of Danish Colour oil.

The newly opened restaurant has been highly acclaimed by critics and visitors, and the completed interior exudes the signature style of the ever growing Burger & Lobster concept whilst working off the original features afforded from the historic building. And the restaurant also has a long lasting wood floor, good enough to eat your Lobster off.

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