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Eiger Petit Oak Brushed & Oiled wood floors modernise open plan living in this Epsom home

EP101 Petit Oak Brushed & Oiled

This bright and spacious home belongs to Charlotte Crockford and her family. Requiring some internal modernisation Eiger Petit Oak Brushed and Oiled wood floors have been chosen, creating a bright and contemporary floor finish throughout the living spaces. Charlotte and her husband had been living in the US in Seattle. When they planned a move back to the UK last year they were very open minded on where they would settle. Charlotte explains, To a certain degree I guess you could say it was a case of we could drop a pin in a map and say that’s where we’d look for a new UK home. We did a bit of research though as we were keen to secure an area with good schools for our three children, plus be an easy commute to London and also close to airports. Epsom seemed as good a place as any, and when we came back to the UK we moved into a rented home near here which gave us time to be sure it was where we wanted to be. It was, and we started our search for a long term family home. The kids’ are 15, 13 and 8 so we wanted to be close to good schools and find a house we could stay in for at least the next ten years or so. The family moved into the 1940’s detached home earlier this year. Featuring black timber framework on the exterior, typical of its build era, the home had been extended and offered them all the space they wanted and an open plan layout to the ground floor.

"The house and location were perfect for us, there was just some interior redecoration we wanted to do to update it a bit and put our own stamp on the home. After renting for almost a year I was keen to make this place our home as soon as possible. The biggest part of the upgrade that needed completing was the flooring throughout the ground floor."

“We loved the flow of the home and open living spaces but the previous owners had mixed up different floors in each zone which left them feeling a bit disjointed. The kitchen and dining area had tiles which were dark and also noisy. These led to walnut wood floors in the living room which didn’t blend very well and appeared very worn.

“After giving it some thought we decided we wanted to replace these floors with one style throughout to enhance natural light and promote a seamless flow – adding in Victorian style patterned tiles in the entrance hallway as these really suited the exterior style of the home.

“As we’d been living in the States for so long I didn’t really have any UK contacts so paid a visit to one of our local flooring stores, Carson’s Flooring, to get some advice and ideas. We were definitely leaning towards wood floors but were unsure whether to go for solid or engineered. Huw and Ian at Carson’s were really helpful and convinced me engineered wood floors would be a great choice, both for less sub-floor preparation and budget. I wanted to be sure an engineered wood would still feel natural and authentic underfoot so I did spend some time walking on the samples in my bare feet. With engineered wood flooring decided Charlotte spent time looking over the V4 Wood Flooring displays in the showroom. I wanted something that was quite light and modern to really lift the space, but still with a rustic oak feel. What I loved so much about the Eiger floors we chose is that every plank is unique, with changes to the grain size and pattern, and the knots give an extra element of character.”

The Eiger collection has a stability and strength that delivers great value. Created with a versatile and durable multi-ply base the planks contain all the character of a traditional solid wood floor. Random sized boards within each pack create a more natural and rustic installation pattern, and a generous 5mm rustic oak top layer is rolled with steel brushes to soften the grain and enhance the surface texture for a tactile surface underfoot which is also extremely durable to everyday wear. Floors ordered Carson’s completed the installation in just a couple of days. When the old floors were removed there were some differences to the underfloor levels which were easily levelled out with a screed before the tongue and groove wood planks were laid.

“I was so delighted with the floors when I saw them completed, the home immediately felt more modern, bright and spacious. All of my furniture was in storage so I had everything crossed it would all blend together and it does.”

Charlotte kept the textured olive green wallpaper that was already on the walls which contrasts beautifully with the floors, and a mix of wood tones featuring in the furniture pieces are all pulled together with the light oak of the flooring. The light oak tones also work well with the brick fireplace – creating a harmonised living space. The sofas were a gift to myself once the house was complete and we were ready to move-in. I got them from Loaf and love how they add a soft and cosy feel to the space as well as adding some playful bright blue tones.

“We’re absolutely thrilled with the floors, they look lovely and have been great to live with. They are lovely and tactile to walk on and easy to keep clean in a busy house with three children. We’ve also just added a puppy to the family and our four month old Vizsla is proving to be a big fan of them too.”

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