Swindon, Wiltshire

A modern new build home in Swindon gives open plan living the Eiger Petit Oak wood floor treatment

EP101 Petit Oak Brushed & Oiled


This lovely new build home is part of a major new village development on the outskirts of Swindon in Wiltshire. With the kids’ grown up the idea of moving into a brand new home appealed to new owners Ian and Marie. Ian explained, "The kids had grown up and moved out of home and we were living in an old property that was becoming in urgent need of a major renovation to fix and update the home. After some time thinking about our options we decided we could do without all of that work and hassle and decided to look at a new build home instead. A major new village was underway on the outskirts of Swindon, where the couple already lived, and they decided to take a look at the homes on offer. Tadpole Garden Village was a major project, delivering over 2000 new homes and a whole new village community complete with new shops and facilities."

“We liked the idea of moving here and being part of something so new and exciting. And the fact that we could just move into the house and enjoy life, rather than be knee deep in building work and re-decoration."

“The house we chose was similar in size to what we had, and we selected a lovely spot up in the north corner of the new village that was surrounded by countryside views and fields. Somewhere a little bit tranquil but still close by to everything, so a perfect spot to enjoy a more relaxed way of life.”

Ian had previously worked in the flooring industry and had always wanted a real wood floor, so when the developer’s option of a luxury vinyl floor was presented he asked if he could take the cost off the house and choose his own floor instead. This was an option the developer was happy to do. “We did go for their floors in the hallway, but for the open plan space I already knew the wood floors I wanted from my time in the industry”. Ian chose Eiger Petit Oak Brushed and Oiled wood floors.

“I’d always liked the look of this floor. What particularly appealed to me were the light oak tones and random length planks. It gives a very natural finish and with different sizes to the length of the boards, the floor’s pattern is less uniform and more organic, which I really like.”

Ian called on an old flooring friend in Manchester who came down for the day to help install the new floors. Installation was straight forward with the new build already offering a new and level concrete sub-floor. A 3mm underlay was placed over this before installing the wood planks as a floating floor over the underlay. The floors run throughout the modern open plan living space which comprises a modern white kitchen, dining area and lounge space leading out to the sunny garden.

“I was so happy when I finally got my real wood floors. We’re both delighted with them. They add a layer of texture and a bit of warmth to the room which works well as we wanted to keep the rest of the palette clean, white and quite simple.”

“We bought new wood furniture from The Cotswold Company which complements the floors really nicely. They’ve been wonderful to live with, tactile to the touch, but also really durable. We have two Beagles and they are standing up to the test of them really well too. It’s lovely to be in our new home, with the floors finished there isn’t anything left to do for the time being except enjoy life living in the new village.”

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