Farsound, Essex

Farsound Aviation add real wood to their raised access breakout space with V4Magnetic® Glade Oak Floors

A110 Glade Oak

V4Magnetic® Powered by IOBAC

Founded in 1986, Farsound is leading the way in the aerospace industry with its supply chain and logistic solutions. Operating globally, Farsound has opened a brand-new UK headquarters in Essex, and at 50,000 square feet, is the perfect space to support the expansion of its growing team and services. Building the headquarters from the ground up, Farsound worked closely with AIS Interiors to create an ‘invigorating’ workplace, working hard to create a design that optimised logistics and staff amenities whilst maintaining the corporate values at the heart of the design. Iconic Flooring who frequently works with AIS was asked to supply and install the flooring on this project. As part of the brief, Iconic Flooring explained the client required access to allow for expansion in the future, and to that end, they chose our traditional Glade Oak engineered plank from our Alpine collection, with the added V4Magnetic® backing. Glade Oak offers a traditional style, complete with a durable Matt Lacquer making it a brilliant choice for the busy employee canteen area. At 190 mm wide and 1900 mm long, the oak boards fill the large space with ease, drawing your eye along the seating areas and to the featured back wall.

The Glade Oak floors were complete with V4Magnetic®, offering a fully stable bonding system, without the need for adhesive. This revolutionary system is excellent for office spaces such as the Farsound Headquarters, as each board can be quickly and easily magnetically bonded to raised access floors, offering a quick installation for such large areas. In addition, another great benefit of using V4Magnetic® is that the planks can be lifted and reapplied easily without damage, as Rob from Iconic Flooring explains was important to the client.

The result is a breakroom full of character, perfect for the ‘people-centric’ workplace environment Farsound holds. Traditional wood floors offer a hardwearing and stylish design, and when combined with the V4Magnetic® backing, offer an easy-to-install, versatile flooring solution for this large office space. If you are looking to specify flooring for a commercial space and would like to learn more about V4Magnetic®, get in touch with the team today at design@v4.co.uk.

V4Magnetic® Powered by IOBAC

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