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Victorian Home undergoes a renovation to create a brilliant contemporary design with Seashell Chevron

Karen moved into her beautiful home in 2019, where although she knew there were areas of which she wanted to renovate, she also fell in love with the details of the Victorian home. With three floors, high ceilings and original cornices, mouldings, fireplaces and doors, the home was exploding with character

“I love the proportions of Victorian houses and the attention to detail. The feature that sold it the most was the amazing dual aspect windows in the sitting room. This room is just so light.”

When it came to the design, Karen drew inspiration from the light in the sitting room, stating I love white, and this was the perfect room to use it in. I love contemporary minimalist design but also like the combination of old and new. I wanted to highlight the Victorian features but combine with some contemporary touches. Whilst choosing the flooring Karen knew exactly what she would like for her home, explaining: I wanted a strong pattern on the floor to compliment the white and black, and it needed to be wood for the warmth that wood brings”. To that end, Karen chose V4’s engineered oak Tundra Chevron in Seashell. Seashell offers a light oak colour, whilst still maintaining the warm oak tones. Made of 100% FSC Certified European Oak, V4’s Tundra Chevron is a modern take on the classic 17th Century French Herringbone – making it an ideal choice for Karen’s home. V4’s Tundra Chevron collection houses five beautiful colours, ranging from deep tones of smoked oak to the light and contemporary style of Seashell. Each engineered oak strip is precision milled with a 45° angled header to fit perfectly together creating a seamless flow throughout any space. Karen notes the benefits of creating one continuous flow explaining The hall and sitting room are both good sizes but not vast. They needed to be treated as one to ensure they didn’t look boxy.

As an interior designer, Karen is no stranger to creating beautiful and well thought out designs. Here, the bright and warming tones of Seashell perfectly contrast the darker detailing and ‘All White’ Farrow u0026amp; Ball walls. When asked why she chose this design, Karen explained It’s the combination of light and shade to create interest. With any monochrome interior I think you need then to add texture and pattern to avoid it looking cold.”. Another beautiful design aspect throughout this home is the use of artwork, which can add texture helping to complete a space. One particularly impressive piece of artwork in Karen’s home is the large handwritten art, framed in the sitting room. When asked about this beautiful piece, Karen explains:

“This is my way of filling a large space. It’s actually wallpaper which I framed. I chose it because it was black and white, and I love the look of the script. It’s a love letter but it is hard to read. Everyone who comes to the house tries to read it.
The wallpaper is from Mineheart.”

Overall, Karen explains that she finds the engineered oak flooring good to clean and says it has lived up to her expectations. I am really pleased with how it looks, and I’m so pleased I insisted with the fitters that they laid it so that the chevrons go across the two rooms”.

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