Contemporary Office Space, London

Historical building in Mayfair is transformed into a comfortable workspace whilst maintaining the classic aesthetic of the building by Loop Interiors, using Smoked Oak from our Deco Plank Collection.

Located in the heart of London, this 18th century building and former home to British aristocrats now serves as a beautiful office space just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Circus, a prime location for the high-end businesses of Mayfair. First built in 1720, this grade II Listed terrace building is rich with character; and so when it came to creating an office design that honoured to the building’s heritage, Loop Interiors were the perfect team for the job.

“Loop has extensive experience working in the building, having already fitted out three of the seven floors. Therefore, when appointed to envision a new workspace for our client at Hanover Street, we were able to put our best foot forward.”

When it came to planning the design, Loop Interiors explained how they had to find balance between the building’s history, and the modern needs of office space. “Our design process started with the existing architectural details and creating a design that is sympathetic to the building’s narrative. Located in Mayfair, the palette became an extension of this. Luxe, rich materials with a mix of textures, the look is rooted in tradition but is also contemporary making it perfectly suited for pleasurable rest and relaxation as well as a charismatic work environment.”

When it came to the flooring, Loop Interiors chose Smoked Oak, from our Deco Plank collection. The European oak is matured in a smoked-filled chamber, where over time the process darkens the grain to a rich honey tone, showcasing areas of warmer heartwood that offer an aged aesthetic, perfect for this historical building. The lustrous oak is then brushed to create a tactile surface before being sealed with a UV oil, which saturates the oak to create a durable surface that can be easily maintained, whilst accentuating the floor’s natural beauty. When discussing why they chose Smoked Oak, Loop Interiors went on to say…

“Working with a small footprint and restrained palette, the use of wooden floors provides a seamless, warming blend of texture throughout the open plan. This offers a great juxtaposition to a residential aesthetic. The V4 Smoked Oak plank offered the most matted effect of wood tone whilst oozing the warmth and heritage of a classic that never goes out of style.”

The final design effortlessly merges contemporary style with the traditional feel of the building. Thanks to the European oak flooring and bespoke joinery in the kitchen area, there’s a cosy, lived-in feel throughout the office. The olive-green paint adds to this rustic charm, especially when paired with the elegant gold hardware. But it’s the rich smoked tones that really steal the show, perfectly complementing the building’s natural heritage and tying the whole space together in a way that feels both modern and timeless, as Loop go on to say…

“The design consists of many joinery elements which were skilfully considered to maximize the compact space whilst also helping to define zones of activity. The earthy olive-green finish is equal parts grounding and stimulating, paired with bronze framing and rich wood tones, all while maintaining an authentic feel that underpins the spaces.”

If you would like to use a V4 flooring solution in your upcoming project, get in touch with our Specification team today by clicking here. Or why not get your project started with a mood board, simply order your free samples here and let your creativity flow.

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