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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan build their dream home from scratch, featuring V4’s Bespoke Misty Grey Herringbone

In 2021, TV Personality and Fitness Entrepreneur Mark Wright embarked on the grand task of building his dream home with his wife and actress Michelle Keegan. Since then, we have seen the brilliant transformation unfold on their Instagram, from the initial stages of laying the groundwork to the beautiful finishing touches, the couple brought us along for each step of their exciting journey! The couple built their house from the ground up, so they had a huge decision to make when it came to the style of the house. They had a love for White Georgian-style homes but wanted to add a modern twist to the final design.

“The end result was a beautifully grand Georgian-style home, complete with a contrasting grey slate roof, a portico entrance and a light grey paving slab driveway.”

When it came to the interiors, Mark explained they had a little bit of help and advice, but mainly drew inspiration from aspects of designs they had experienced before. He goes on to say ‘We used a little bit of Pinterest, but it was mainly drawing inspiration from things we had seen in the past. We wanted it to feel very warm and homely, but at the same time very modern.’ To that end, the couple always knew they wanted engineered wood flooring. Having had an engineered floor in their previous house, they were keen to find the perfect new floor for their dream home, and this is where V4 Wood Flooring was able to help, as Mark explains…

“We saw V4 Wood Flooring and it opened our eyes to a whole new world of choices, styles, design, and quality and it was a no-brainer. We visited the showroom once and that was it, the rest is history, we knew we were going to go with V4 as soon as we turned up there.”

Mark and Michelle wanted an engineered wood floor that embodied natural oak characteristics to compliment the traditional Georgian house style, whilst at the same time, offering a contemporary take on classic wood flooring. Mark explains, in their old home they had a creek white floor, but this time around wanted to choose a floor that was more traditional but also adds a lightness and modernness to the home. This was perfectly achieved with V4’s Misty Grey, Mark explains As soon as we saw it, we fell in love with it straight away”. The V4 Tundra collection is home to 5 beautiful colours, each available in a plank, herringbone, and chevron floor style, ranging from the deep tones of the Smoked Oak to the bright hues of Seashell. In addition to the stocked herringbone, you can also get these five beautiful colours as a larger herringbone, made to order just for your project, which is exactly what Mark and Michelle did with their Misty Grey Herringbone. Complete with a coloured oil which beautifully mutes the warm oak tones, Misty grey offers a durable and tactile surface, that thanks to its nature grading, offers a smart finish complete with real wood characteristics.

When it came to the style of the floor the couple were keen to venture into parquet designs, having only ever used plank flooring before. To further enhance their design, they used the matching Misty Grey plank to create a border and finished the look with a gold in-lay, adding a timeless elegance to the perimeter. When discussing the final look, Mark notes We thought about designs we had seen in the past and just went for it… we are over the moon. Mark and Michelle’s impressive gym is complete with the herringbone, and as the location of Mark’s fitness app Live Wright’s videos, the wooden floor adds a whole new meaning to the phrase home gym, Marks explains:

“When we do Live Wright workouts on the app, we have a beautiful backdrop. Usually, you see people doing workouts in Gyms that are a bit urban. But this is all about working out at home and so to have a homely wooden herringbone floor in our gym, it keeps the homely look in addition to being a gym.”

One of the great benefits of a herringbone is the ability to take your wood floor through different rooms, creating a seamless look, and Mark and Michelle’s design is no exception. By continuing the herringbone floor throughout the lower floor, they have been able to establish a clear design theme, whilst still allowing each room to have its own identity.

A great example of this is the couple’s very own Bar, complete with a marble top and Draught Beer taps. Mark explains The flooring in the bar compliments the room again, giving it a homely feel but at the same time a modern look, like the bars in London, more of a hotel look as they have that herringbone design, and so, we based it on some of the hotels in London we have seen.

When asked how the flooring has lived up to his expectations, Mark replied saying:

“Absolutely loved it, couldn’t have wished for anything better, it’s so durable as well for a wooden floor… it’s just amazing and the underfloor heating works amazing with it as well.”

When describing his experience working with V4 on his flooring journey, Mark notes: Amazing, they’ve been absolutely incredible. As soon as I turned up to the showroom, the welcome they gave us, and the way they all work so is so professional, the choices they have… everything that’s happened has been amazing”. If you would like to enquire about ordering a bespoke V4 floor, click here to speak with a member of the team, and start your journey to find your dream floor today!

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