Family Home, Chobam

1920s family home renovated with our bespoke Seascapes collection to create a warm and welcoming design.

SC111 Blackpool

Teresa and her husband Alex moved into their 1920’s cottage 17 years ago, however, have always felt the décor was ‘a bit cold’. Last year, the couple decided to embark on a renovation to create their dream house, adding warmth and character to the family home. Using deep blues, contrasted with natural materials, they were able to add the desired warmth throughout their home; and despite the uncertainty of the darker contrasting colours at first, Teresa explains to us that this design risk certainly paid off…

“I did have a bit of ‘The Fear’ using such dark paint in such prominent places but so pleased we did.  It doesn’t take any light out of the rooms and it works well with the Crittall Doors. It kind of brings everything together and then you can introduce lots of colour in the paintings and soft furnishings.  The dark colour works with everything.”

When it came to choosing the floors, Teresa and Alex visited the Surrey Design Centre, where they met with one of our showroom consultants to browse our vast selection of flooring solutions. Coming in open-minded, the couple didn’t have one specific flooring design in mind, and so were excited to draw inspiration from the options displayed in our 300 square-metre showroom, as Teresa explained: “We didn’t really have any [inspiration], it took us a while to decided which floor we liked.  It’s such a difficult choice with so many options…”.

After careful consideration, the couple decided to go with Blackpool from our bespoke collection, Seascapes. This hand-finished collection draws inspiration from the British Isles, with natural tones achieved through several processes completed by skilled artisans in the heart of England. Blackpool, a floor complete with muted and varied tones of brown, offers a uniquely textured surface achieved through a combination of brushing and feathering. The UV-Cured natural oiled surface provides a durable wear layer, perfect for a busy house.

“We love that it’s warm for the first time in 17 years. Without a doubt, we love the floor. I used to think that wood floors throughout the house seemed a bit cold and would always have opted for carpet in the sitting room and bedrooms. However, as my eldest son is a wheelchair user, we decided to put them throughout the entire house, I’m so pleased we did.”

Installed by Wellington Flooring, Blackpool runs throughout the downstairs open-plan kitchen and living room, before flowing up the stairs and into the bedrooms for a cohesive design. Downstairs, the flooring is beautifully contrasted with the dark blue Crouch Design kitchen units. Whilst in the upstairs hallway, the flooring is paired with a bespoke Sisal runner with a linen edging from Fibre flooring, inspired by the company’s founder, Julian Downes’ travels around the globe.

If you would like to join Teresa and Alex in their made-to-order flooring journey, why not visit the Surrey Design Centre to browse our fantastic bespoke collections, including seascape, and find your perfect flooring solution with us today.

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