Unplugged Cabin, East Sussex

Set in an idyllic Sussex woodland, digital detox company Unplugged has unveiled a new off-the-grid cabin featuring our Encruzado cork flooring.

Unplugged, the UK’s first Digital Detox Cabin company, have opened a brand new off-the-grid destination in the heart of the Sussex Countryside. With cabins nationwide, just on the outskirts of bustling cities such as London and Manchester, Unplugged have made it easier than ever to take a step back from city life, switch off and enjoy the simple pleasures nature has to offer - and this new cabin, Mabel, is no exception. Complete with cork flooring from our Cortejo collection, this beautiful cabin feels like an extension of its woodland surroundings. The natural materials create a tranquil aesthetic in the secluded cabin that is fitted with only the essentials, including board games, books and a radio, making it an ideal place to switch off your mind, as Sophie from Unplugged describes…

“Natural, minimalist aesthetic and purpose built for everything you need to switch off for a few days!”

When it comes to switching off, the team at Unplugged know just how to help. With over 20 cabins across the country, founders Ben and Hector have come a long way in overcoming their own burnout and helping people take a step back from their busy lives…

“Unplugged was founded by Ben and Hector, in 2020, with a mission to help the always-on, switch off. They were victims of burn out. Hector escaped to a silent retreat in the Himalayas and Ben wanted a bit of that zen quickly… so they thought, how can we get busy folk to unplug from their devices and recharge without flying half way around the globe?”

Digital detox escapes were the perfect solution to this question. When speaking with Sophie from Unplugged about the Mabel experience, it was clear that what this cabin has to offer is nothing less than a rejuvenating escape from the digital world, allowing guests to truly unwind and reconnect with nature.

“A Newly built and designed cabin! Mabel is set in a woodland clearing, with glimpses out to the surrounding rolling fields and passing horses. Expect your own little outdoor seating area, with a fire pit as well as a secret nook from where you can enjoy incredible views of the Sussex countryside, which is also a regular spot for the nearby horses to reside.”

Located in the heart of nature, it was important that the cabin’s design remained authentic to its surroundings. To that end, Mabel is complete with natural wooden finishes. From the black timber plank cladding on the outside to the raw plywood walls inside, this minimalist design sits effortlessly against the encompassing woodlands and offers no distraction to the beautiful sights visitors can see through the large open windows.

When it came to the flooring, the team chose Encruzado from our Cortjeo Luxury Cork Flooring collection. A natural cork floor, with a unique and varied pattern, this floor is like nothing else. Complete with a High Resistance Technology (HRT) protective surface that is PVC-free, this floor is extremely hardwearing making it perfect for the continued footfall in these cabins. What’s more, the cork used in production is a byproduct from the wine stopper industry giving it a negative carbon balance; coupled with the fact that our cork floors are rated A+ for air quality, means that Encruzado was the perfect sustainable flooring solution, as Sophie went on to say…

“The cabins are nestled in nature and built with nature at heart, so we wanted to bring a natural look and feel inside too! We wanted to use low carbon impact materials and also loved the idea that each plank is unique.”­­­­­

The end result is a beautiful, secluded cabin, complete with a natural and relaxing décor, making it the perfect place to switch off and enjoy a digital detox escape. When asked if they have any more plans for new cabin locations, Sophie said “Yes, lot’s more – keep your eyes peeled!”.

To find your next weekend getaway location, click here to browse all Unplugged cabin locations. Or why not click here to learn more about the benefits of cork flooring, order your free samples and find your local approved V4 retailer?

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