Our Naturally Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring

Cork flooring represents an exciting breakthrough in the world of natural flooring, sourced from the replenishable bark of cork oak trees of the Alentejo region.


How Your Choice of Flooring Matters to the Planet

Our cork flooring embodies the most desirable qualities of popular floor types like hardwood and tile, but without the environmental strain of non-sustainable flooring.With cork, you can achieve the beauty and durability you want while protecting the planet. It’s an ingenious natural flooring solution. Our choices in home decor can have a significant impact on the planet. From the over-extraction of raw materials to harsh manufacturing processes, every stage of a flooring product’s life cycle has a noticeable environmental footprint.


Most traditional flooring types involve extensive resource extraction, high energy consumption, and can lead to significant waste. Solid wood flooring, while beautiful and durable, contributes to deforestation and habitat loss when sourced irresponsibly. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, often rely on non-renewable resources and can emit harmful pollutants during production and use.


Choosing eco-friendly flooring like cork is about more than just reducing environmental impact. It is a statement of the values you hold, a step towards true conscious living, and a commitment to preserving the world for future generations.

Our Range of Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring

We are proud to offer two unique collections within our Cortejo range, each bringing the environmentally friendly benefits of cork flooring into your home. Choose from:

Natural Cork

This line champions the natural charm of cork in its most authentic form. Offering a variety of hues and designs, each plank showcases cork’s distinct patterns and textures, providing a rustic yet refined aesthetic. 

Its resilience and comfort make it an excellent choice for any room in your home.


Featured Natural Cork Flooring

Wood Look

If you love the aesthetic of traditional hardwood but want to opt for a more sustainable choice, our wood-look cork flooring offers the best of both worlds.

We have expertly combined the durability and comfort of cork with the timeless allure of wood grain patterning. Available in a variety of finishes, this collection can easily complement any home decor style.


Featured Wood Look Flooring

5 Ways Cork Floors Ensure Sustainability

If sustainability is your priority, our cork flooring is one of the best solutions. But what exactly makes it such an eco-friendly option?

1. Renewable Resources

The harvesting process is unique when it comes to cork, as it does not harm the tree or require felling. Instead, by extracting the raw materials, it actually promotes healthier growth. 

We gently strip away the bark, leaving the cork oak tree healthy and intact – ready to begin replenishing over approximately 9 years. This process is twice as fast as cutting down trees for timber and 100% more sustainable.

2. Responsible Harvesting

Cork oak forests, primarily located in the Mediterranean region, are a crucial part of the surrounding ecosystem. The forests we use for our Cortejo range are well-managed under strict European standards. Harvesting is highly regulated and performed by experienced workers, ensuring the health and longevity of the trees and land.

3. Low Environmental Impact

Cork can be processed with minimal waste, and the residues can be reused in other industries or as a biofuel. This significantly reduces the environmental footprint of cork harvesting and manufacturing on the whole.

4. Carbon Sequestration

As with any tree, cork oaks play a vital role in capturing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and, in turn, reducing our global contribution to climate change. When a tree is felled, it can no longer carry out this essential process. But the good news is that even when the bark is harvested from a cork oak tree, the tree continues to absorb carbon dioxide.

In fact, regularly harvested cork oak forests absorb up to five times more CO2 than non-harvested forests, as the trees up their absorption rate in order to replenish their bark.

5. Long-Lasting & Recyclable

Cork floors are remarkably durable, which means they do not need to be replaced as often as other flooring types, further reducing environmental pressure over time. 

Plus, at the end of its lifespan, our cork flooring can be recycled or biodegraded, adding another layer to its sustainable profile.

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Secure Your Sustainable and Luxurious Alternative to Hardwood

A more sustainable home is only a few clicks away. While you’re browsing this fresh and impressive range, hop onto our room visualiser and see in real-time exactly how our Cortejo cork floors will look installed. Then, order a few free samples before you take the leap towards a greener home.


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