Follow the latest trends. Wood floors that meet the design demands of disce ing home owners

Bring nature inside – that is the ethos behind V4 Wood Flooring. As one of the leading UK wood floor specialists we are constantly evolving our bespoke flooring collections to deliver the ultimate palette of wood floor finishes, colours and size options to meet the latest interior trends and deliver products for the disce ing homeowner and commercial designer.

Advanced production and colouring techniques are enabling us to pioneer the introduction of new colours, tones and formats in engineered wood flooring to create a spectrum of wood floor choice that is not only aesthetically striking, but delivers on long lasting quality and is also sustainably sourced to minimise any impact on our environment.

Here’s a taster of the latest trends and products emerging in real wood floor and wall surfaces.

Muted Tones

Light and muted wood floors are growing in popularity. They deliver understated tones that are the perfect choice if you don’t want your flooring to dominate your home – that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver on style though.

Lighter shades naturally create a smooth and calming backdrop that will work with any interior style – classic or contemporary.

They are an ideal choice to make smaller spaces feel bigger, but are just as at home in large open plan design, promoting natural light and bringing together all elements of a large room without competing against them.

Mode colouring techniques have introduced a spectrum of muted tones into wood floor design. Surfaces are treated to soften the character and the application of products such as wood lye then lightens and softly bleaches the surface of the wood boards. This produces a smooth surface where light coloured oils are applied to create distinctive, mode tones.

The V4 wood floor collection features an array of light wood floor shades and popular examples include;


Deco Silver Haze Oak

The top layer of oak has been lightly brushed to relieve the natural grain then wood lye bleaches the surface to remove yellow oak tones and create a light grey haze.


Eiger Grand Titanium White UV Oiled

An oversized board which maintains some natural character while delivering a smooth, almost white surface.


Urban Nature Limehouse White

Hand finished to create a distinctive surface, three coats of hardwaxed oil add white tones that enhance the natural light grain.


The trend for grey tones in wood flooring has emerged with pace over recent years, and it continues to be an in vogue choice.  Grey wood offers a beautiful contemporary finish which works perfectly with an array of mode interior colours; whether you are looking for a subtle grey hue emerging from a traditional oak finish, or stronger greys to contrast with your colour scheme. Popular grey floors from the V4 collection include:


Urban Nature Wharf Grey

The surface is rolled with steel brushes to emphasise the natural grain of the oak surface. The Wharf Grey top layer is created with the application of coloured oils which are UV cured to build up a natural protective surface full of rich grey tones.


Deco Smokehouse Grey

Smokehouse Grey uses traditional colouring techniques and coats of wood lye to deliver a mode floor with an authentic oak grain and smokey grey undertones.


Despite mode colouring techniques introducing a new, wider spectrum of wood floor finishes and colours, there is a timeless beauty and charm than can be found in staying true to natural oak tones. This doesn’t mean compromising on mode style or choice though. Natural oak character and colourings are enhanced by V4’s production techniques to deliver more traditional finishes that still present their own unique, mode style.

Landscapes introduces beautiful extra wide boards, produced with hand rendered European Oak surfaces which are hand treated to deliver surface finishes packed with mode character. Inspired by the natural tones embedded in our organic landscape, the surface of each board has been hand scraped, planed and distressed, following the natural contours of the oak surface.  They are then washed with a natural monochrome hard wax staining treatment to deliver tones that will harmonize in any interior space.


Landscapes Water Meadow

Or seek out the Alpine ranges, with a menu of classic oak floors offering different surface treatments ranging from unfinished to natural oiled for subtle smooth oak style and lacquered to UV cured for highly textured and durable surfaces.


The Alpine Collection


Trends have a habit of making a comeback and in the case of wood flooring the comeback king of the moment is parquet style floors. While maintaining the original approach of creating a beautifully patte ed, low maintenance wood floor, parquet floors in the 21st century have come a long way, no more so than V4’s new Zigzag collection.

Taking six of their most popular wood plank finishes from the Deco and Urban Nature collections, where contemporary oak surfaces are produced from a combination of hand finishing and colouring techniques to produce deep lustred wood floors, Zigzag delivers them in ultra stable precision engineered wood block format.

Offering a simple tongue and groove installation method akin to the wood floor planks, the installation of a parquet floor becomes quick and easy without any compromise on style or authenticity.

Adding complete versatility, Zigzag can be installed in a host of laying patte s, from traditional herringbone style to basketweave and multiple block formations.

The result is a high quality, long lasting wood floor that oozes parquet style to set off any interior space, big or small.


Zigzag Frozen Umber Herringbone Oak Blocks


The use of wood in mode interior design now extends beyond wood flooring and fu iture production, with a growing trend for wooden wall cladding as a striking and natural way to create feature walls with contemporary organic styling.

Leading the way for this growing interior trend, V4 introduced Panneau, a range of chic, fashionable and eco-friendly wooden wall panels. The architectural and decorative high-end panels are based on the concept of creating art with woods of various origins.

The Panneau Collection is made from reclaimed and recycled timber, including woods sourced from ancient wine barrels, old agricultural buildings and even traditional finishing boats.

Due to the recycled nature of the product, each panel is distinctive and original, and features variations in tone and colour that are played out on the warp and weave of the wood. The colours and grain change according to the light in the room and present a high-end and distinctive look and style where feature walls and surfaces become a piece of art in their own right.


Panneau Cask Wooden Wall Panels

These are just a handful of style ideas that meet today’s mode flooring trends. To start your search for your perfect wood floors visit our products section and start exploring.

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