Heritage Bespoke

Heritage Bespoke collection is made with European oak planks that are hand finished to order by skilled artisans using different staining and colour techniques to achieve subtle natural shades that harmonise with the wild rustic oak grains. Made in the heart of England with a natural oil colour palette, inspired and named after the many historical woodland sites that surround and remind us of our heritage.

Heritage Bespoke, Hand finished in the UK


Our Heritage Bespoke Products

Heritage Bespoke Collection – Finished by artisans in the heart of England

Heritage engineered planks are made with a thick European Oak top layer which is lightly brushed to accentuate the natural grain, giving a textured and inviting tactile surface. Natural colour oils are applied by our specialist finishing team in Yorkshire, using traditional techniques passed down through generations, to achieve a perfect finish which is then sealed with modern UV technology to give a durable surface that is easy to live with and simple to maintain.


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