The V4 Colour Series Issue 1 | Dark Wood Flooring Ideas

Dark wood floors are a bold and rewarding design choice within a home, bringing warmth and depth to your interior spaces.

From shady walnuts to rich oak, our dark wood flooring can add an air of sophistication to any room you might be decorating, be that a bedroom or a hallway, bringing out every feature, from the wallpaper and paintwork to the fu iture and rugs, and making them truly pop.

To help you pick the right style and shade for your project, we have put together a complete guide to not only our dark wood flooring, but our design range, including parquet, planks, and reclaimed looks.


Types of Dark Wood Floors


Dark Wood Planks

When you think of hardwood floors, planks are probably what comes to mind first. They are a classic style that has stood the test of time, offering a timeless and reliable solution to flooring whether installed residentially or commercially.
Though much simpler in its arrangement than other styles of wood flooring, the classic plank is a perfect choice for darker timber options as the colour alone pulls more than enough visual weight, and the paired back planks allow those colours to fully take the stage.

Dark Wood Parquet

This range pulls its inspiration from 17th-century France, and when paired with a darker shade of hardwood, their unique arrangements are truly eye-catching. If you are someone who is looking to conjure an o ate aesthetic in an interior, our selection of parquet floors is the way to go.
The range includes two core styles:


Most parquet arrangements feature short-cut battens of wood, joined into sharp V-shapes to create a variety of zig-zag patte ing. Chevron is the neatest among them, with clean Vs and sharp lines separating each row, creating a unique look that still maintains its class.


Herringbone takes stylish geometry to the next level with its V-shaped arrangements. Similar to chevron, but rather than clean-cut Vs, the herringbone battens form interlocked Ws. Dark herringbone floors are the perfect option for design-savvy individuals looking for a twist on a classic look.

Advantages of Our Dark Wood Floors


A Sustainable Option

No matter the shade or finish, our engineered wood flooring is crafted from 100% FSCĀ® certified oak and walnut timber, sourced from managed woodlands in North America and Europe. These forests are carefully tended to and produce excellent hardwoods that not only yield more than the average tree, but also support the surrounding ecosystem.

If you want real wood floors but are worried about the environmental impact, or want to know if there is a more ethical option that achieves the same end, then engineered wood flooring could be the perfect alte ative to explore.

Our dark engineered wood floors have all the same benefits as hardwood, including its ability to age well, hold its own against everyday wear and tear, and handle refinishing, but their production puts considerably less strain on the environment.

Simple to Maintain Long-Term

Hardwood is generally simple to look after. It resists the most common stressors that flooring is subjected to, including heavy foot traffic, messes and spills, and general deterioration over time. Engineered wood also has a little more resilience than regular hardwood thanks to its composition.

Engineered wood floors, like our dark wood range, are crafted by layering several pieces of high-strength plywood and then topping them with the ā€˜lamellaā€™ of your chosen hardwood. This layered approach to wood flooring allows for more flexibility and durability in the long-term, and also helps the floor to last well in a number of environments (including those with mode underfloor heating systems).

When engineered wood floors do eventually show their age, they can be sanded and refinished to tu back the clock and revert them to their original state, adding an extra decade or two to their overall lifespan.

Suits Most Interiors

One of the best advantages to choosing dark wood flooring for your home or business is that you can guarantee a gorgeous aesthetic. Dark wood flooring is a surefire way to level up the interior design of any room, adding class and natural beauty, and playing off both rustic and professional aesthetics.

Our Dark Wood Flooring Ideas


CHEVRON SMOKED OAK. Chic and stylish, the tonal differences in each block create intrigue and texture installed in a contemporary chevron patte .


URBAN NATURE TANNERY BROWN. Warm browns with an aged appearance full of characterful grains and knots create an authentic rustic finish.


RECLAIMED BLACKENED HEARTH. Salvaged oak is re-purposed with timbers sawn into slices and deep stained markings added to enhance the grain.


FOUNDRY STEEL The rustic charm and dark oak tones come to life in herringbone format creating a beautifully warm and textured floor.


NEW TANNERY BROWN. Warm browns, golden tones and rustic grains playfully mix when Tannery Brown is delivered in herringbone format.


ALPINE WALNUT. An alte ative to oak, choose Alpine Walnut for a delicious mix of chocolate tones with the unique grains walnut wood floors deliver.

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