Engineered Wood Floors for Modern Kitchens

Real wood floors in kitchen design add a natural warmth, texture and style to your kitchen space – and with such a wide range of colours, tones and styles available it is now far easier to choose a wood floor that is an integral part of your overall kitchen design – and not just an afterthought.

There has been a tendency in the past to shy away from wood floors in the kitchen, with concerns about the impact of heat, water and general spillages. This is only a concern where solid or poor-quality wood is used.

Properly cared for it is the only natural surface that can be used in kitchens. And with our focus on only the highest quality engineered wood floors, our floors are ideal for installation in the kitchen – treated with care you’ll have beautiful floors, made from a natural material, which will last for years.

Won’t the floors expand from heat and moisture in the kitchen?

Our engineered wood floors are all built on an ultra-stable hardwood multi-ply tongue & grooved base – giving a feeling as robust as solid wood – but significantly reducing the amount of expanding or contracting in response to conditions. Any impact will be so minimal it will go unnoticed when installed with the correct expansion gaps along the wall.

What about spills and splashes?

Whatever type of flooring you have, you will always be advised to quickly clean up spillages. Our wood floors all have durable surface treatments applied over the oak top surfaces, so just be diligent and quickly wipe up any spills and the wood floors will remain unaffected.

What about underfloor heating?

Good news again, all of our floors can be used with underfloor heating. Installed correctly, and ensuring the surface temperature never exceeds 27C, you can design your space more effectively by removing the need for radiator space.

Will there be ongoing maintenance?

Depending on the surface finish of your chosen wood floors maintenance needs vary.

Our durable lacquered surfaces make them the ideal low-maintenance kitchen choice. Each plank has coats of UV-cured lacquer applied, leaving very little to do in the way of maintenance apart from keeping them clean. You will find lacquered options in our Alpine, Alpine Lock, Eiger, Zigzag and Home collections.

If you do decide to choose a UV-oiled or hard wax oiled surface finish in the kitchen these need a little more maintenance, but with the right products and care they also make a great natural floor choice for kitchens.

We recommend an initial coat of Woods Good Natural Floor Care Refresher is applied to the floors once installed, and then occasionally treat them with Wood’s Good Natural Floor Care soap spray which will help keep the protective layer on the floors, making spills easier to deal with.

What about everyday cleaning?

On top of any maintenance requirements, a regular sweep and gentle wet wash weekly will keep the floors clean. Only use a very slightly damp mop for wet cleaning, or we recommend using the Wood’s Good Natural Floor Care spray cleaning kit. A safe pH-neutral cleaning solution that is extremely effective and simple to use with no risk you might be damaging your floors.

Our Modern Flooring Styles for Kitchens

If we’ve not already convinced you that our engineered wood floors make ideal kitchen floors, be inspired by some real-life customer installation pictures featuring our wood floors.


Zigzag Natural Oak

Zigzag Brushed and Lacquered Natural Oak. Keeping things natural wood surfaces collide effortlessly in this country-style kitchen.


Urban Nature Foundry Steel

Urban Nature Foundry Steel. Rustic dark oak tones that look perfect against traditional kitchen styles and mode touches.


Zigzag Frozen Umber

Zigzag Frozen Umber adds a final layer of texture to this stunning kitchen design, which fuses modern and classic elements.


Alpine Fjordic Shore

Alpine Lock Fjordic Shore. The beautiful light oak tones create a stylish contrast to the dark grey tones in this modern kitchen design.


Zigzag Nordic Beach

Here, Zigzag Nordic Breach embraces a muted pastel palette to create a calming and light atmosphere


Urban Nature Fired Brick

Urban Nature Fired Brick delivering mode oak charm with a unique warm tone that enhances the feeling of space


Urban Nature Weathered Beam

The classic aged character of Urban Nature Weathered Beam is an ideal blend with this traditional country-styled kitchen

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